Mental Activities for Seniors

Everyone looks forward to that day when they can relax and enjoy their days peacefully. However, for seniors, too much relaxation is not a good thing. This means the brain is unchallenged, and this can end up in the loss of brain function. Therefore, they need to keep their brains active by engaging in various mental activities.

Do Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of the best ways of keeping your brain stimulated. So, if all these years you have been ignoring that section of the newspaper, it is time you took a closer look at it and sat down and worked at it.

Paint and Draw

Even though you think you have absolutely no talent what so ever, this is a great way to exercise your brain. Painting and drawing increases your concentration powers, and this is something you need in retirement. So, grab a paint brush and an easel and get down to it!

Arts and Crafts

This too, like painting and drawing, is irrespective of talent. This is a great mental activity to engage your mind and also for improving hand-eye coordination.


This is an activity enjoyed by many seniors. Playing Bingo is also a great mental activity as it keeps the brain alert. Watching for all those numbers, on many cards at once, requires concentration!

Board Games and Cards

Board games, such as, scrabble and Monopoly and card games, such as, Solitaire are excellent for keeping the brain active. You have to concentrate on the numbers and movements and this keeps you alert. Plus, board games and cards are excellent games you can play with your grandkids.

Computer Games

There are many online games that are good for seniors. These games keep their brains stimulated and active. Some games involve one player while others involve many. You can choose the ones you wish to play depending on your mood.

Stories about your Life

Telling others stories about your life helps you to remember things you would have forgotten. This way, you exercise that part of your brain necessary for remembering things.

Lack of mental activities can slow the brain. It can increase your risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s. So, make the effort to keep your brain active by trying out any of these mental activities.

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