Medication Safety for Active Adults

The list of medications tends to get longer and longer with age. As we age, we are extremely prone to develop various chronic illnesses, and taking the appropriate medication can help us live a long and active life. However, there are several safety concerns that need to be considered when taking medication.

Why should you be Concerned with Medication Safety?

As you age, you are more likely to be prescribed more than one medication. Most of you may be taking three or more. The risk of drug interactions and potential side effects increases with more medication. Plus, medications may not respond the same way they did when you were younger. Your organs can change due to the aging process. This makes you more vulnerable to side effects and overdose. In addition, poor eyesight and other age-related illnesses may make it difficult to follow the instructions in the medication. And, sometimes, financial difficulties may keep you from filling out your prescriptions.

What to be Concerned With?

When you visit your doctor, make sure you play an active role in your treatment plan. If you can, have someone accompany you so that he/she can write all necessary information down for you. Ask questions about drug interactions, side effects, missed doses and trade and generic names of medications, etc. Find out what the medication prescribed is supposed to do, how long you should take it, and what you should watch out for. These are important concerns, which can prevent unnecessary complications. If you feel you may forget these concerns, write them down before you visit your doctor.

Purchasing the Medication

Always check the medication’s name with your doctor’s prescription and directions for taking it when purchasing medication at the pharmacy. This is important as most of us tend to take it for granted that pharmacists will give the right medication. Pharmacists are humans too, and errors are inevitable.

Your concerns with medication safety do not end at the pharmacy. When you are home, read the instructions and information of your medication carefully, and if you experience any side effects, call your doctor without delay.

Medication is supposed to make you feel better and be more active. So is being careful with how you take it. So, the next time you open your pill organizer, make sure you know exactly what you are taking and all about it.

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