Medical Tests for Men in their 50s

You have come to a stage in your life where you know your priorities. Family and work life used to be on top of your list. Now, after reaching 50, your health should also be in the first three. If you wish to enjoy the rest of your life and savor every moment of it with family and friends, you should consider getting these medical tests. The regularity of these tests depends on your doctor.

Prostate Cancer Screening

The prostate is a tiny gland located between the bladder and the penis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer of the prostate is the most common among men in the US. It is also the most common cause of cancer-related death in men.

The need for screening depends on your age and doctor’s advice. For example, according to the American Cancer Society, you should discuss the pros and cons of this test with your doctor when you are 50. If you are African-American, or if your father developed prostate cancer at 65, you should do the test at 45. This is a routine blood test where prostate specific antigen or PSA is assessed for cancer. An elevated PSA test reading usually indicates cancer, although without careful screening, the test can be read incorrectly. It is always beneficial getting a second opinion.

Testicular Examination

This can be a self examination or can be done by a doctor. Most often, testicular cancer can be found early. A lump on the testicle is usually the first sign of testicular cancer. However, not all forms of testicular cancer show symptoms. A testicular examination can be incorporated into a routine cancer check-up. Men with any family members who had testicular cancer should conduct self-examinations monthly or speak to their doctors regarding examinations.


Your first colonoscopy should be done at 50. If you have a family history of colonoscopy it should have been at 40. This is a painless process, and once you do one, and your tests are normal, you will need to do another only in 10 years.

Apart from these medical tests, you should have your cholesterol and blood pressure checked, vaccines updated and eyes checked regularly. Speak to your doctor about your health concerns, and do it without delay.

Medical tests become more and more important once you pass 50. So, don’t wait. Get your health checked today.

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