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Master Planned Communities Build Balance

September 14, 2022 • Admin

Coming home is more than what’s behind the front door. The innovation behind a master-planned community considers how residents want to live and play which goes beyond building four walls. Designed with a vibrant, active lifestyle in mind, builders have created these beautiful cityscapes to provide everything from shopping to spa services for the ultimate all-in-one experience.

Unlike a traditional neighborhood that may not have a gym nearby, a playground for the grandkids, or a convenient drugstore, master-planned communities are thoughtfully designed to provide an all-inclusive lifestyle. Designers of these infrastructures know residents want to hit the gym without having to warm up the car and have plenty of open spaces to safely walk the dog, use the swimming pool, and run errands without having to commute. The idea of a “members only” neighborhood helps maintain the integrity of a community by restricting access to the public creating a safe, and close-knit environment.

Most pre-planned communities are governed by a homeowner’s association to ensure homes are beautifully maintained, helping to avoid depreciation due to foreclosure, or poor upkeep. The restrictions imposed by the HOA are well worth it to retain the value, and beauty of the community. Unlike traditional suburbia, a master-planned community extends this maintenance to its roads, and businesses.

One of the most appealing benefits to choosing a master-planned community versus a strictly 55+ community is many are designed as “mixed-use” meaning younger families, singles, and boomers can share in the fun. Composed of many neighborhoods within the community, residents can enjoy their own exclusive amenities, but when they want to mingle, the surrounding township is open to everyone. It’s an ideal arrangement for active adults wanting to live near their families and remain socially engaged.

Designed to provide access to international airports, and nearby big cities, master-planned communities aren’t the remote island locations some may think. Residents can drive to the office, or enjoy a weekend getaway, but at the end of the day, it’s the feeling of community that makes coming home so rewarding.

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