Live Long and Prosper in an Active Adult Community

Many baby boomers today are planning hard to retire to a community where they can make the most of their retirement years.  These baby boomers are making the right move.  They know that retirement communities provide them the resources and the amenities they need to make sure that they live long and prosper.  What makes them wise to this secret formula of good health, fun, and joy?  How is it possible to live long and prosper in an active adult community?

Company and Friends are Important – One of the main ingredients in the secret formula to a long and prosperous life is to is companionship.  This comes with having friends of the same age and who also have common ideas like you.  The opportunities for companionship increase with more friends.  When you have friends to keep you company you are not depressed or sad.  Friends will also help you out in times of need.  They are always there for you.  It is a known fact that companionship and friendship increase your life span.  The chances of making new friends and having companionship are more when you live in an active adult community that is full of like-minded seniors who are looking to form friendships.

Social Activity is also Important – The second key ingredient to a happy senior life is to keep yourself socially active.  Being socially engaged and active is easy when you live in a senior community.  With around cards, a session of tennis or a fishing trip on the lake, you can keep socially active.  You are happier and more energetic as you have something to look forward to.  While fun and joy are obvious outcomes of such social activities, it also increases longevity.  Active adult communities are a hive for social activities.  Most communities have something happening at least once a week.  The ability to take part in these activities and feel useful increases the life span of the active adult.

Physical Exercise is Necessary –Daily exercise is another vital element that is necessary for longevity.  As an active senior, you need to work your body and get your heart pumping at least three to four days of the week.  A sedentary lifestyle increases all sorts of ailments.  This decreases your life span.  Active adult communities enable its residents to work out at the fitness center or take a walk or bike ride down nature trails or play tennis and swim etc. When you keep your body active you are less prone to illnesses and increase your health which increases your life span.

The Power of Positive Thinking – Everything in your life boils down to this factor.  Positive thoughts are essential for long life.  You have to wake up every day and think positive thoughts.  This can only be done if you have something to look forward to.  This too is possible when you live in an active adult community.  You have friends and companies; you have various social activities and places to go where you can work your body.  What more do you need to feel positive about life?

In conclusion, it is safe to surmise that your life will be healthier and, therefore, longer when you live in an active adult community.  Consider the communities mentioned below for your retirement and to live a long, happy life.

If you are going past 55 and wondering what life ahead would be like, then, don’t waste time thinking.  Act now..  and choose the route to a long and healthy life.  Consider living in an active adult community where social activities, friendships and opportunities to keep fit are abundant.  Visit our website for information of over 8,500 communities to choose from.

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