Kickstart Your Health Goals in Brea California

Kickstart Your Health Goals in Brea California

When it comes to health-minded cities, Brea is California’s premium brand athletic shoe.

Sophisticated, and outdoorsy, with green juice running through its veins, it’s no surprise that Orange County earned major kudos as Architectural Digest’s 3rd healthiest destination in the country.  With sprawling hotspots like LA and San Diego California stealing the wellness spotlight, Brea’s small-town atmosphere and trendy energy is a breath of fresh air.  It’s common knowledge that eating right, and exercising are the building blocks for overall wellbeing, but cities like Brea with its breathtaking canyons, sports venues, and proximity to the coast make it easy to cultivate a healthy lifestyle

The best part about living in the Brea is having nature as a backyard. Less than half an hour from the sparkling Pacific shoreline, and home to more than a dozen beautifully maintained city parks, fitness fanatics from 5-55 (or better) have fallen in love with Brea’s abundance of outdoor recreation. A place to unwind, and take a break from the city bustle, Carbon Canyon Regional Park is a serene, 131-acre refuge of uncrowded trails and hidden treasures from its Redwood Groves to lakefront fishing piers. Named one of Orange County’s safest cities by, active adult residents can enjoy twilight strolls, bike rides, and early morning runs with greater peace of mind.

Orange County offers the quintessential SoCal lifestyle – which of course means a beach in all directions. Brea is just a day trip to some of the most spectacular shores on the West coast including Huntington, Seal, and Laguna Beach all boasting miles of white sand and seaside activities like beach volleyball, or leisurely bike path cruises. Competitive and engaging, the adult sports scene in Brea caters to boomers of all fitness levels with opportunities to join a league or drop in on a game whether it’s basketball, soccer or softball. Golf devotees from novices to pros will rejoice over sun-drenched fairways like Birch Hills and Brea Creek Golf Course showcasing their challenging palm-studded hideaways nestled in the heart of the city.

Any town with a restaurant called Vitality Bowls gets the feel-good vote, and Brea’s array of clean eating options makes it easy and delicious to stay on track. This superfood strewn city has something for everyone with plentiful clean eating options from grills and outdoor cafes to upscale dining and specialty food shops. Along with providing world renown healthcare, and walkable downtown areas like Birch Street and Union Plaza, Brea’s annual Wellness Festival goes beyond the food pyramid to make approaching health from a holistic perspective motivational, innovative, and the perfect way to get a jumpstart on New Year’s resolutions.

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