Isolation during Senior Years, Can Cause Depression

Once your children have left your home and gone on to pursue their own dreams, goals, and different lives, you may well experience a myriad of emotions. You may feel sadness, loneliness, anxiousness and above all, a sense of isolation. You may not have anyone to talk to or listen to your problems.  You may not know of anyone who is going through the same “rough patch” as you.  Research has shown that many seniors who find their home empty, once their children leave it, can become extremely depressed. Isolation is a major risk factor for the onset of major depression.

Other factors, such as inertia, health problems, and retirement, which may also limit social interactions, can contribute to depression in senior citizens.  Depression prevents you from enjoying life.  It also has a significant impact on your behavior, your mood, your ability to sleep restfully, and sap you of energy.  Depression does not have to be an inevitable part of the process of aging.  There are many factors that can be considered to overcome this problem.  The best method of preventing the onset of depression in life after 55+ is to consider living in an active adult community.

Why an Active Adult Community?

You may wonder how senior retirement communities can help you overcome these feelings of sadness, loneliness, and isolation.  Here are your answers:

  • Active adult communities are occupied by people your own age or close to it.  Therefore, your ideas and experiences may be similar.  No other person will be able to understand your feelings of loneliness and isolation, than others who are experiencing or have experienced the same thing.
  • There is always something to do in these communities.  That is why they are called Active Adult Communities. For example, most active adult communities feature a Clubhouse that provides you with various recreational or crafting facilities and other amenities.  You can enjoy a game of tennis with your friends, play cards or billiards in the activity room, or ensure physical fitness by working out at the fitness center.
  • Active adult communities also ensure that senior citizens, such as you, are always entertained.  You will find many events planned for summer, autumn, or winter.  There may be carnivals, arts and crafts exhibits, dances, parties, and etcetera that will not allow you to have time to feel lonely, sad, or depressed.
  • Most adult living communities are located in proximity to shopping, dining, and other attractions and amenities.  This enables you to take a day off with your new friends and visit the sights and enjoy a lazy Sunday or any day for that matter.
  • These communities cater to specific lifestyles. So, by choosing a one you like, you will be able to live your preferred lifestyle with full amenities. If you like a good game of golf, you will find a large number of golf communities listed in the Active Adult national directory of 55+ senior living communities. Similarly, you can also browse through over 300 waterfront communities that put you in easy proximity to fishing, boating, hiking, or simply bask in the rays of the sun and enjoy life’s pleasures.

As you can see – loneliness, isolation, and depression do not have time to make an appearance if you live in a 55+ active adult community.   This could be one good reason why many seniors are considering these retirement communities.  Why not visit one or two and speak to the residents and find out how their lives changed for the better, with their decision to move to one of these communities?

Below are some randomly chosen active adult communities across different states that you can consider checking out. There are over 8,500 communities detailed in the directory.

If you need further information about active adult communities, visit the website  You will find that it is very user friendly, despite the massive volume of data presented therein. You will discover over 8,500 communities categorized by States, lifestyles, and price ranges, making it easy and fun to browse. Equipped with all the information, you will be in a perfect position to choose the ideal 55+ community that will help you live an active, happy life with a great many friends and great neighbors. Depression during senior years will be an unknown term, with a good life for you in one of these senior communities.

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