Invest In Your Health With Self Massage

Ayurveda (ah-yer- vayda) is an ancient holistic medical practice originating in India over 3,000 years ago and is still being used today. With a focus on using dietary, lifestyle and herbal remedies based on one’s constitution, practitioners have found a natural approach to healing both mind, and body. Self care is an important aspect to reducing stress, improving well being, and has a significant impact on not just ourselves, but the people around us. Massage therapy in particular is known to improve circulation, relieve pain, and promote relaxation. Of course going to get a massage whether it’s doctor ordered, or just to pamper ourselves can be expensive, and isn’t done nearly enough to reap the benefits of this healing treatment.

One of Ayurvedic medicine’s most recommended forms of at home care includes self massage. The best part about soothing your nerves from head to toe is it can be done as a daily ritual without making an appointment, or paying a professional. Seniors suffering with aches, and pains or feelings of nervousness can relieve tension in the privacy of their own home simply using warmed massage oils. Some of the best neutral oils for massage are apricot kernel, sesame, or coconut oil, which can be purchased inexpensively at most health food stores. Some practitioners recommend adding essential oils for added therapeutic benefits, but advise people check with their doctor as some may interfere with certain medications, or cause allergic reactions.

Beginning at the scalp and ending with the soles of the feet, studies have shown massage to be helpful for a variety of ailments from fibromyalgia, to digestive issues. Of course having someone to do the massage for you is ideal especially if reaching or bending is difficult, but just a few minutes every day or a few times a week is a healthy indulgence worth investing in.

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