Interesting Summer Festivals for June

June 1, 2022 • Admin

Interesting Summer Festivals for June

June is a month when thoughts turn to summer travel. If you are making plans to escape the heat and/or humidity in search of an adventure, there are many options [last minute] options to choose from. Some of these options feature very unusual, interesting festivals to enjoy, as well as to learn something about the country you are in. Here are some festivals you may find interesting enough to make you book a tour this June.


    • Duanwu Jie – Dragon Boat Festival in China – This festival happens on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. In other words, this year, the festival takes place on June 2nd in the Hunan province in China. This festival commemorates the life and death of the famous Qu Yuan. During this time, the rivers are filled with colorful dragon boats. Thousands of locals and visitors celebrate this festival, eating rice dumplings and having a wonderful time taking part in the boat races.
    • El Colacho – Baby Jumping Festival in Spain – This happens on the Sunday following Corpus Christi. This year, the festival takes place on the 22nd of June in the province of Castilla Leon. This is an unusual festival where adult men dressed as the devil jump over babies laid on the ground! Although it is done with good intentions – to cleanse the babies’ souls of evil – men jumping over tiny infants with whips and truncheons can be a bit too much for you to watch! If this is the case, well, skip this and look for another festival to attend.
    • Isle of Wight Festival in England – The second Thursday in June is a wonderful day that lasts for four days on the Isle of Wight. This is a music festival where various music artists perform on a large stage for an audience of thousands. The event was held from 1968 to 1970 and was stopped until it was revived in 2002 in Seaclose Park. Since its revival, this festival has seen many popular music artists including Bryan Adams, Counting Crows, The Who, David Bowie, and many more.
    • Lajkonik Festival in Poland – This festival takes place in Rynek Glowny, Krakow on the third day after Corpus Christi. This year, the festival falls on the 26th of June. Lajkonik is a bearded man, in a special pointed hat wearing ancient Mongolian clothes. He rides a white wooden horse, and the horse is believed to bring luck and a rich harvest. Lajkonik rides his wooden horse from the Premonstratensian Convent in the Zwierzyniec district to the Main Market Square. He has many followers who also wear traditional clothes and play various musical instruments in his procession.
    • Feast of St Anthony in Portugal – The Feast of St Anthony, the patron saint of Lisbon, happens for two days beginning on the 12 of June in Lisbon, Portugal. These days, every street corner of the city pervades with the smells of grilling sardines. The Avenida de Liberdade is lit with wonderful colored lights and streamers and paper lanterns are draped over balconies and all along the streets. There are quirky traditions that are followed by the people of Lisbon and an enjoyable time is assured for all at the Feast.

These are just a few special celebrations and festivals happening around the world during these summer months. There are many more festivals you can enjoy during the month of June. For instance, the Summer Solstice at Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England; the Regatta of St Ranieri in Italy, and the Bloomsday in Dublin, Ireland are some other exciting events deserving consideration. Whatever you wish to see or take part in, these festivities will offer you a wealth of diversion.

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