How to Broach the Subject of a Retirement Community

Retirement Community

You may need a change of surroundings now that your children have left the nest. You may think moving to an active adult community is the best answer. However, your spouse may not have a proper idea of the potential benefits or may not feel convinced of the need to relocate.  He/she may be happy with the deep roots and strong bonds he/she has cultivated over the years, in your neighborhood.  You may have come to realize that the neighborhood has changed and is not what it used to be. However, your spouse may be in denial of this, as most of us are, especially when we have to let go of things we love. The thought of moving to an adult community may be attractive to you but not yet to your spouse. So, how will you broach the subject of a retirement community to your wife or husband?

Making a Suggestion

You can broach the subject of moving to a retirement community with careful planning. Consider a time when your spouse is relaxed and make the suggestion.

  • Comment on how much fun you will have by “hanging out” with people your own age.
  • Comment on how great it will be to play bridge or bingo or billiards at the clubhouse.
  • Comment on the excellent golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools available in many of these retirement communities.
  • Comment on the fact that lasting friendships can also be built with other residents in the community.
  • Comment on how many retirement communities are maintenance-free and secure.
  • Comment on the organized activities that you can take part in at the clubhouse throughout the year, instead of sitting at home watching TV.
  • Ask what state he or she would love to be in and talk about the communities in that particular state.
  • Download information, have brochures and price details to provide to your spouse if they indicate some interest in the matter.

These are just some of the suggestions that you can make to encourage your spouse to consider moving to an active adult community.

If you wish to see more of these communities, you can access the free online national directory of 55+ senior home communities, where more than 8,500 communities are detailed in a user-friendly manner. Browse and you will have even more information at hand to convince your spouse of the need to make a change for the better.

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