Focusing on Texas for Active Adult Communities

A view of the skyline Austin, Texas at twilight

Many baby boomers are left wondering where to set up residence once their children move off to college.  With 50 States plus the District of Columbia to choose from, the choice can get very difficult.  How do you choose a place to plant your roots for an enjoyable and active life during your empty nester phase?  And, more to the point, where?  Various States in the US are suitable for many different tastes and lifestyles.  We’re delighted to be featuring one big and very exciting and entertaining State.  Texas!

All about Texas

  •  Terrain – Texas is the second most populated State in the US.  Houston is the largest city in Texas, and San Antonio the second largest.  This is a state with diverse landscapes, and 10% of this land is desert.  If you were to travel from borderline to borderline in Texas, you would be awed by the different terrain you will see.  Coastal swamps, piney woods, rugged hills, and open plains, desert, and mountains, are some of this varied terrain.
  • History – You would have heard about the term “six flags over Texas”.  This term means that throughout history several different nations ruled the territory.  Spain was the first country to rule Texas.  Next France, then Mexico.  Texas won their independence in 1836 and became The Republic of Texas and in 1845, became the 28th state in the US.  It became a confederacy during the American Civil war and finally the US.
  • Economy – The Texas economy is booming these days, after all, it is the second-largest economy in the US.  Their largest income was – and is – through cattle ranching and cotton, although today, it is also internationally reputed for its energy through oil production and refining, medical research and aeronautical industries as well.  Houston has the sixth-largest port in the world.
  • Climate – Texas is located at the intersection of several climate zones.  Therefore, you can experience variable weather in this state.  For example, the Panhandle has extremely cold winters and even experiences snowfall.  El Paso experiences the most amount of rainfall in the State, and 100+ degree temperatures can be experienced in Rio Grande Valley.  However, the majority of Texas experiences consistent summer temperatures.
  • Culture – Texas is extremely popular for its music and theatre.  Austin is the most popular destination for music venues while Houston comes in 2nd place to New York City in the number of theater seats.  Football, high school or college, is the sport of choice in Texas.  Football is the center of public interest and excitement.  Everything else is put on a back burner during football season.  You will also find year-round golf, fishing and auto racing and, of course, rodeos.

Are you sold on Texas yet for your second home state?  If not, you should visit some of the active retirement communities in this state.  You are sure to change your mind and consider life in wonderful Texas when you see these communities:

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