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Considering moving to Vermont for your active retirement years?  Well, we think that is a fantastic choice!  This State in the New England region of the United States is a fantastic marriage of laid back relaxation and also a hub of excitement.  If you are interested in moving to Vermont during your retirement years, you are in for a treat.  You can enjoy a Continental Moist climate, various fauna, and flora and get involved in a host of activities that will keep your life full of fun and…

Vermont is a four seasons State.  You can experience mild summers and cold winters.  However, do not worry – there are many activities and things to do and see even during the cold winter months in Vermont.

What to do in Vermont during the summer?

Vermont during the summer is a beautiful time.  It is all about embracing the natural surroundings of “the Green Mountain State” during this time.  Golf is certainly a pastime in the cards for your summertime enjoyment.  There are 60 golf courses scattered throughout the State of Vermont.  These golf courses range from easy, family-friendly courses to championship-caliber courses.  You can enjoy the weather and practice your swing to perfection while the sun shines warmly in Vermont.  Another summer activity that you can consider is camping.  There are 52 state parks in Vermont and 39 of these parks offer you camping facilities.  You can enjoy Vermont’s beautiful woodlands and take in the fauna and flora this verdant State has to offer.  Another past time to enjoy is fishing.  The cold, clear waters of the many lakes and streams in Vermont provide excellent fishing opportunities in extremely beautiful and breathtaking surroundings.  Catch bass, walleye, pike and many more in these waters.

What to do in Vermont during winter?

Winter in Vermont is truly amazing.  Your perceptions of winter will never be the same once you have experienced the scenic, “picture-postcard” beauty of Vermont during winter.  Your joy will be doubled if you engage in many activities planned for the season.  Skiing and snowmobiling and various other fun outdoor activities are enjoyed by almost everyone during winter.  However, you don’t have to be a skier to enjoy winter in Vermont.  Snowshoeing allows you to experience the serene beauty of Vermont without skis.  Go on, put on a pair of lightweight snowshoes and explore the backcountry of Vermont.  Go sledding.  Sledding is not only for kids in Vermont.  It is for all those who are young at heart.  There are various places to rent sleds and enjoy fun in the snow.  Skating rinks scattered throughout Vermont allow you to enjoy winter, indoors as well as out of doors.  If you don’t have skates, you can rent them from any of the rinks.  There are also dog-sledding, snowmobile rides, sleigh rides and ice fishing in Vermont.

Are you still wondering about what to do in Vermont?  These are just some of the fun activities you can consider during the summer and winter months.  Don’t worry; there are activities and places to see during the spring and fall months too.  This is certainly a State where there is year-round enjoyment.  Choose a great Active Adult Community from Vermont and you are set to have a blast of a 55+ phase living.  We are happy to list some of the senior communities that are listed on our website,

While there are hundreds of active adult communities in some States, Vermont listings in include only a select number of retirement communities.  This is because there are only such few numbers in Vermont in the first place.  Yet, these communities are jewels in the crown, if you are considering a classy, age-targeted or age-restricted senior living community.  If you are interested in shifting to Vermont, choose a suitable Active Adult community first.  This will help you settle down with likeminded people of the same age group and the same phase in life.  Most communities are geared towards facilitating a lifestyle choice.  This means, if a community is focusing on catering to a golfing lifestyle, you will find that perhaps the majority of your neighbors will also be into golf, making your rounds of golf better than ever before with many new friends and golf buddies to keep the action happening.  So visit and check out our communities in Vermont and throughout other States to enjoy your retirement years with a lifestyle that is perfect for you.


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