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May 18, 2020 • Admin

The State of Oregon is rich with nature’s bounty, and an ideal place to relocate to and spend that wonderful 2nd youth, exploring the world in its natural element.   Rugged sea coasts, high mountain passes, lush greenery, magnificent waterfalls, and stately Ponderosa pines will blow you away, as you take long drives through the State of Oregon or simply throw open your windows and look outside in the morning!  If you are considering relocating to Oregon in your retirement years, here is why it can be a super choice for you.

About Oregon

Oregon is in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  The state is bordered by Washington, Nevada, California, and the Pacific Ocean.  Two-thirds of the state experience dry air and a continental climate.  The terrain of Oregon is diverse and truly breathtaking.  You will see narrow coastal plains of soft, sandy beaches, dense pastures, and promontories near the Pacific shoreline.  Western Oregon is famous for its mountainous region where you will see three of the most popular mountain peaks in the US including Mount Hood.  The Columbia River, one of the largest rivers of North America, makes up the Northern border of Oregon and significantly contributes to Oregon’s economic and cultural development.

Oregon is mostly an agricultural state where wheat, snap beans, broccoli, and strawberries are grown, among other crops.  Logging was one of the most famous industries of Oregon due to its abundant, rich forestlands.  However, many areas of the forests have been closed off to logging in a bid to conserve the wildlife.

Cheap electricity is powered by the numerous dams scattered across the state.  Oregon proudly houses the John Day Dam, one of the largest hydropower generators in the world.  Salmon fishing is a huge industry in Oregon and tuna and crab come in second and third.

Tourism is another major industry in Oregon, and it is no wonder.  Oregon has breathtaking oceans and beaches, lakes, and mountains that hold tourists spellbound.

Good Time in Oregon

If you are interested in moving to Oregon and wonder how Oregon will be like, well, we say it will be amazing for you.  A multitude of sights and activities await you.  For example, you can visit the Oregon Caves National Monument, Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks, and Crater Lake National Park. There is ample golfing, fishing, hunting, and boating in Oregon.  You can go salmon fishing in on the Columbia River, immerse yourself in the mysteries of the ocean at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and go bird-watching in the Klamath Basin, and much more.  So, what are you waiting for?  Pay a visit to the beautiful, state of Oregon, and see what it has to offer you.  Your hours will surely be full, and many trips can be organized with friends and neighbors to enjoy natures’ free gifts of sandy beaches and plains and wilderness.

There are 78 active adult communities in Oregon that are listed on website.  You can choose your new home from one of these, based on your budget, lifestyle preference, the house style you wish for, etc.

Visit and explore the site, and get to know about these wonderful communities. Our website provides you comprehensive information on each community with images attached and a contact sheet to inquire from the property developer directly from our site. You can also visit the community site via a link from our site. So, what more can you look for… Your search for a perfect senior housing community will surely come to an end at our site, as you decide on a community you wish to settle in.


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