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Does a move to Nevada sound like a good idea now that children have grown and left your nest?  Are you worried about relocating to a whole new State at this stage in your life?  If that is a concern, don’t let it be.  Many ‘empty nesters’ make their 2nd youth a fantastic living experience by relocating to a brand new state that gives them a whole new experience out of life.  When it comes to Nevada, life certainly will be a brand new experience, as this is a state that is like no other!  There are many active adult communities in Nevada that you can consider.  Let us provide you some info on this state to help you consider it as a selected choice.

About Nevada

Nevada is a state that features high mountain ranges and deserts, ranches, valleys, canyons, sand dunes, and various other arid landscapes.  It is the driest state in the country, as it is located in the Great Basin Desert, and receives less rainfall than any other state.  Sage grows in abundance in this state, hence, the nickname “Sagebrush State”.  If you do not wish to live in a crowded state, Nevada is the ideal choice for you.  It is the least populated state, and most of the population is centered in greater Las Vegas, the most famous city for gaming in the USA.  Apart from the casino industry, mineral production is an extremely successful industry in Nevada.  The 1858 Comstock Lode is the first discovery that spurred Nevada’s population growth.  Nevada is also known as the “Silver State” because of the abundance of silver found in the area.  Agriculture is another important part of Nevada where the state grows alfalfa, barley, wheat, and potatoes.  The climate is sunny and dry, and the heat can reach more than 100 degrees in Las Vegas in July and August.  So carry plenty of sunblock, bottles of water handy at hand, and wear a hat during this time of year.

What to Do in Nevada

There is a LOT of excitement and fanfare to expect in Nevada.  How can you doubt this with a place such as Las Vegas being its most thriving city?  Tourism is the largest industry in Nevada just because of Las Vegas and with 40 million visitors per year, it is no wonder.  There are a number of entertainment, gambling, and sports resorts, as well as beautiful sights to see.

Nevada is an ideal state for senior citizens because of its weather and laid-back lifestyle.  We say this because not all parts of Nevada are as glitzy as its signature city, Las Vegas.  There are also a number of places to see and things to do when in Nevada.  For example, although a dry state, there are over 200 lakes and reservoirs and 600 streams and rivers that enable you to fish where you please.   The species of fish vary depending on where you fish, but you can be sure to catch anything from Red band trout to Yellowstone cutthroat to mountain whitefish.

In case you didn’t know it, the Silver State is a premier golf destination.  There are over 100 golf courses, and you can be sure to enjoy every minute of your time at any of the golf courses here.

Communities to Consider

If you are sold on the idea of moving to Nevada, there are 123 active adult communities to choose from.  All homes in these communities are well-appointed, comfortable and have beautiful views.  If you are interested in living in an active adult community with people your age, there are some communities that should be mentioned:

Further information about active lifestyle communities in Nevada and anywhere in the US, Canada and Mexico will be at your fingertips, when you visit our website.  This website is easy to browse and enable you to select a community that suits you with a minimum of fuss.

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