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Statue and the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon, Baltimore, Maryland

Are you tired of your hometown now that you are an empty nester?  Maybe it is time that you start a new chapter in life in a brand new setting.  Why not consider a move to a whole new state?  There are 50 to choose from plus the District of Columbia in the US and all have their own characteristics and features that make them unique.  When you think of different states, you may not consider giving much thought to Maryland.  After all, what is so special about the 9th smallest state that requires consideration when thinking of a new life?  Hey, stop right there, if you think so….  There are many great things about Maryland that may tip the scale when you decide, had you only known the good things in Marylanders’ lives.  So, we are dedicating this page to focus on the beautiful southern state of Maryland.

All About Maryland and its Attractions

Firstly, it has to be mentioned that Maryland is the birthplace of the famous poet, Francis Scott Key, who wrote the American national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner”.  Maryland borders Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia, as well as Pennsylvania and Delaware.  It is considered the 19th most populace state.  It is also the wealthiest state in the USA with the highest median household income.  Maryland is nicknamed “America in Miniature” because of its topography.  Everything from sandy dunes to marshlands full of wildlife to gently rolling hills and pine groves can be found in various areas of Maryland.

Maryland is a grove of attractions and activities.  Get to know or familiarize yourself with Maryland and its African-American heritage by visiting the African Art Museum and the African-American Heritage House Museum.  Visit the Antietam National Battlefield site and feel the devastation and loss experienced during the savage fighting that occurred on September 17th, 1862, the bloodiest day of the Civil War.  If you are into birds or bird-watching, consider taking a day off to see East Coast’s largest population of nesting bald eagles at Black Water National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge.  Take a trip to North Beach and experience “pleasant living” by watching the bay or fishing or biking.  Golf is extremely popular in Southern Maryland.  There are more than 200 golf courses throughout the State.  This means serious business for many Maryland residents!  Take a day off your busy schedule and practice your swing at any of the golf courses within your area.  Fishing is another favorite pastime of Marylanders.  Bill Burton Fishing Pier State Park on the Eastern Shore is a popular destination for those folks who are into fishing.  Here, you will be able to catch striped bass, sea trout and catfish and much more fish from your perch on the lighted pier.

Consider an Active Adult Community in Maryland

Maryland boasts of over 206 active lifestyles (age-targeted or age-appropriate) communities plus 55+ age-restricted active adult communities.  These communities feature ranch-style homes, villa homes, single-family attached homes and apartments, townhomes and condominiums.  Anything from waterfront communities to luxury communities or economy options with homes priced below $150,000 can be found in this wonderful state.  Below are some communities that you can consider paying a visit to, to make your mind up about choosing to live in Maryland:

These are just a handful of the varied and wonderful active adult communities in Maryland.  You will be able to find many more by visiting the Maryland State directory page of, where over 8,400 communities from various parts of the USA are categorized by state, price ranges and lifestyles catered to.  If you are wondering where to find comprehensive information on Active Senior Living Communities for you to choose from, our website will provide this information absolutely free.

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