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October 14, 2019 • Admin

So, you have decided to move to Hawaii in your 55+ years, to lead an active retirement lifestyle…. well, Aloha! It is a superb choice. Sunny beaches, friendly people and loads of sun are awaiting you. But what do you really know enough about the Aloha State? Do you know about the wonderful attractions, the economy and demographics of this State?You don’t want to look as if you haven’t done your homework on your new resettlement choices right? So, here’s some information about Hawaii and some of the best active adult communitiesin Hawaii that may be useful to you.

About Hawaii

Hawaii was known as the Sandwich Islands by Captain James Cook, who was the first known European to go to this island in 1778. Hawaii has 132 islands with 8 major islands and Honolulu is the largest city and the capital of the State. The State name of Hawaii is believed to be from the island of Hawaii. However, no one really knows how the State got its name. The Hawaiianislands are located in the Pacific Ocean, and are the only State not connected to the North American continent and the only State comprising of islands. Hawaii became the 50th State of USA in 1959. It is the 8th smallest and one of the least populated state in the US. The population of Hawaii is made up of diverse cultures, namely, Japanese, Polynesian, Chinese and Filipino. For those 55 plus seniors looking for excitement and diversity in culture, people and activities, this state will offer many great senior living properties. Hawaii has a population of 1.2 million, as at 2012, and 13% of this are over the age of 65. The average household size is 2.9 and the median home sale price is $425,000.Source:( and

Hawaii has many active and inactive volcanoes which the island is known for. The most popular and the world’s largest volcano is Mauna Loa. Hawaii boasts of a warm, tropical climate, an abundance of public beaches, diverse natural scenery and oceanic surroundings. Because of this, Hawaii is a thriving tourist destination. Apart from this, Hawaii is also a major producer of pineapple and coffee beans, as well as bananas and macadamia nuts.

What to See in Hawaii

There are many things to see in Hawaii. Beautiful mountains, wondrous beaches with palm trees, exotic flowers, thick rainforests, majestic waterfalls and many more are some breathtaking sights you should not miss out on. You can visit the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” a 14 mile long geological wonder, the Waimea Canyon State Park or the five historic sights of Pearl Harbor where you will see the Pacific National Monument. You can also hike to the top of Hawaii’s most recognized landmark for panoramic views of Waikiki and Honolulu. This is an ideal place for senior independent living where life can be serene and idyllic as well as exciting and fulfilling.
There are many restaurants where you can sample some delicious Hawaiian regional cuisine if you like to introduce something new and interesting to your palate. Hawaii also offers you unforgettable water adventures ranging from kayaking to surfing to canoeing. Then, there are the volcanoes…. These are a must explore place if you are in Hawaii. You can visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, a 377 square mile park, where you can witness the power of Hawaii’s volcanoes. There is also whale watching, golf, surfing and many more activities available in Hawaii. It is not a State where boredom will overtake your life.

Now that you know a little bit about Hawaii, do you think you will enjoy living here? We certainly believe so. To tip the scale in Hawaii’s favor, there are 37 active adult communities in Hawaii. Any one of these active lifestyle orover 55 communities provide you the best in active retirement living. More information on Hawaiianactive adult communities or any other state can be obtained by visiting®. This website is your periscope into the world of active living and best of Active Adult Living for 55+ adults.

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