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Niagara Falls from the Canadian Side

When you think of Canada, you may naturally think of the climate, the Canadian Rockies and the Niagara Falls. However, Canada has much more than this to offer its visitors and residents alike. Canada is an ideal place for you to consider retiring to, for numerous reasons.If you are interested in a home within a 55+ age-restricted active adult or age-targeted active lifestyle community in Canada, you should gather some information so as to be more knowledgeable about what this great country has to offer you. With a little knowledge and information, you will be able to select a great home and community for your retiring years and make your 55+ age a blissful phase in life.

About Canada

Canada consists of ten provinces and three territories. Located to the north of the United States of America, it is the world’s second largest country by land area. Canada is bordered to the south with the United States, making it the longest land border in the world. The land extends from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. It is a democracy and a bilingual and multicultural country. Canada had a population as of 2011 of 33.4 million. This country has the world’s largest supply of fresh water because the country has approximately 33,700 lakes.

Canada has the 11th position in terms of economy. The last decade has improved Canada’s economy by leaps and bounds due to the transformation of manufacturing, mining and service sectors. Today, Canada has a GDP growth of $1.74 trillion. This country is also rich in natural gas and hosts large oil and gas resources within its geographic boundaries.

If you are considering living in Canada, you should know that Canada has two official languages. These are Canadian English and Canadian French. The culture in Canada has been greatly influenced by the various peoples that migrated to this country at one time or another. These include British and French pioneers.

What to Do and See in Canada

Canada has many world-class cities that you can visit. What you see and do depend on the cities that you visit. However, there is never a shortage of things to see and do when in Canada. There are many events and festivals that happen at various times of the year. This is apart from the great golfing, skiing and other exciting outdoor activities. If you are in Toronto, you can visit the Four Seasons Center for the Performing Arts where you can be held in awe by the ballet dancers, the opera and other various performances. If you are in Alberta, you can enjoy and make the most of your love for golf. You will be able to challenge your swing in Alberta at various golf courses that include Waterton Lakes Golf Club and Northern Bear Golf Club. Visiting Woodstock? Why not visit the newly renovated Woodstock Art Gallery for a grand cultural experience? An exhibition of local history can be seen at the Woodstock Museum.

Canada has many 55+ age-restricted active adult and age-targeted active lifestyle communities that you can consider retiring to. If you live in any one of these communities, you can be sure to enjoy all that Canada has to offer you. A few active adult communities that require mentioning are listed below:

Ridgeway by the Lake – Ridgeway, ON
Loyalist Country Club– Kingston, ON
Country Club Manor– Burlington, BC
The Village at Lock 19 – Peterborough, ON
The Villages at Long Point Bay– Port Rowan, ON

There are many more active adult communities in Canada that are ideal for baby boomers, empty nesters and active adults alike. If you are interested in learning all that you can about Canadian active retirement homes, visit our website, You will find a great deal of information about various Canadian communities as well as thousands in the United States as well as Mexico. They are categorized by some of the common search parameters such as price range, lifestyle supported, home designs, state and geographic areas.


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