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November 4, 2019 • Admin

Arizona is in the southwestern region of the United States. It is the 16th most populated State and is the leading State for the production of copper. If you want to know some special landmarks of the state, the Grand Canyon National Park is the most prominent one. This place has earned Arizona the nickname of the “Grand Canyon State”. If you are considering a new home in a peaceful active retirement village, in Arizona, you are making a great choice because Arizona surely has so much to offer its visitors and residents alike. Let us take a closer look at all the things you can experience with your new life in Arizona.

About Arizona

Arizona is the sixth largest state. Only 15% of the State is privately owned, and the rest is public forest and parkland, as well as, Native American reservations. So, it is not one of those densely populated States where every inch of land has building on it, and at 55+ you may be looking for an active adult community in an environment just like this. Southern Arizona has mainly desert landscapes and has hot, dry summers and mild winters. This is a state full of mountains and plateaus and is home to the Grand Canyon- the colorful and breathtaking gorge carved out over the eons by the Colorado River. Though this is common knowledge, it’s worth mentioning here that The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. You will also find the most well-preserved meteorite impact sites in the world in Arizona. So, those with a fascination with astronomy and the stars would find this state quite fascinating to explore.

Arizona is also a state rich in history. This is the state where, in 1885, the famous Apache Indian Chief, Geronimo surrendered. Although typically a mining, cattle and citrus state, Arizona has changed greatly over the last many decades. Today, portions of the Old West remain only for tourist purposes. The present state of Arizona is a modern, industrial state with large buildings, modern farms and fast-growing industries.

The third-largest Indian population in the country, the Navajo nation, can be found in Arizona. 38% of tribal land is found in the southwest part of the state. If you were to visit Arizona or live here, you would be able to visit some of these Native American reservations and experience their culture and understand their way of life and deep roots with nature.

Living in a retirement community, in Arizona, will also permit you to see and do many things that you would otherwise not be able to consider. For example, Arizona offers a variety of outdoor activities for the adventurers. There are hundreds of hiking trails, lakes, streams, and creeks perfect for fishing and boating, horseback riding to experience the state’s natural beauty at a leisurely and relaxed pace and hot air balloon rides to experience the mountain scenery and desert landscapes from a bird’s eye view. And Northern Arizona even offers downhill and cross country snow skiing!

Natural beauty aside, the state also has quite a few art galleries and museums where you can take inspiration from Native American History and Old West stories. Another activity you should not miss out on is Arizona’s golf. There are more than 300 golf courses to choose from, and the golf courses are as diverse and spectacular as the landscape in this State.

Adult Living in Arizona

There are 257 active adult communities in Arizona, including 55+ age-restricted, as well as active lifestyle communities that are age-targeted or age-appropriate. If you are interested in a move to Arizona, now that you are an empty nester, you can consider any one of these communities as your retirement home. Ask yourself this question… “What am I in the mood for?” “What do I want to do in my new-found leisure time?” Answers may come as,“ Play a round of golf, swim a couple of lengths in a nice pool and have a BBQ with neighbors and have some fun”, or “spend time biking, hiking, and fishing…. Giving in to my love for nature…” Whatever is your wish, there are senior living communities designed and geared to cater to any such lifestyle choice.

Homes in these 55+ communities range from single-family detached to townhomes, condominiums and patio homes. A life of leisure, simple carefree living, and blissful environments are yours to enjoy if you move into any one of these communities. Below are some communities that are worth a visit:

Above are just randomly chosen communities in Arizona. For information on over 442 Active Adult communities in Arizona, and over 8,400 communities in total across the USA, visit® – the most comprehensive information portal in the senior living industry.

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