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Have you just retired and are wondering what to do about your empty nest situation? Are you looking to change a new chapter in life rather than feeling depressed and alone in the home where you raised your kids and went to work for the past few decades? A change of lifestyle and a change of scenery can surely help you stay out of depression and various 55+ maladies. So, if you are considering a move to northern parts of the US, and a life of explorations and different experiences, then you should consider life in Alaska. Here’s a little information about the State and some senior living communitiesthat will help you turn a brand new chapter in your life.

About Alaska

Alaska is situated in the northwest extremity of the North American continent. It is bordered by Yukon and British Columbia, Canada to the east, the Arctic Ocean to the north, and the Pacific Ocean to the west and south. It is the largest State in the US and the least populated. The current population of Alaska is approximately 710,000. Roughly 258,000 households contain people over the age of 65. The average price of a house, as at 2011, was $248,500. Source:( half of Alaska’s residents live in the Anchorage metropolitan area. You may find this State worthwhile for purchasing a retirement property, with affordable prices tags of 55 plus retirement homes.

The climate of the southeast part of the State is a mid-latitude ocean climate. This is the warmest and wettest part of the state and has mild winters. The proximity to the sea coastal area provides Anchorage and south central Alaska a mild climate according to their standards. Western Alaska has a subarctic oceanic climate in the south west area and a continental subarctic oceanic climate in the north. The climate in the interior of the State is subarctic with temperatures as low as -51 degrees Celsius. During summer, the sun will shine for almost 20 hours of the day.Imagine that!

Although Alaska was sold by the Russians to the Secretary of State William Seaward in 1867, for a song – 2 cents per acre – and was considered a “frozen wasteland”, it became a State with an abundance of natural resources that made the purchase of this State an extremely lucky one for America. Alaska had gold, which brought in the gold rush of the 1890s. Oil was discovered in Alaska in 1968, which, with the building of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, was able to transport oil across the State. Although the building of the pipeline cost a whopping $8 billion, the success of this venture was enormous. Because of it, Alaska was able to abolish its personal income tax. 25% of the oil in the US comes from Alaska. Alaska has the largest fishing and sea food industry in the States. Halibut, crab, salmon, shrimp and a host of other fish are found in abundance in this state.

What to See and Do

As Alaska is a large State, there are myriad of things to see and do. Hop on a bike and explore the state to your heart’s content and you will be leading an active retirement that will keep you fit and happy in your senior years. Anchorage has one of America’s best paved and unpaved trails which span the city, mountains, etc. You can explore the State on your own or join one of the many guided bike tours and get to know the state better. As there are many lakes, rivers, streams and waterways, Alaska offers you a marvelous fishing experience. Fishing fanatics can consider fly-fishing, or salt water or fresh water fishing and even ice fishing. Then there is dog mushing, camping, hiking, glacier and northern lights viewing, kayaking or rafting and a host of outdoor activities available. If you are more of an indoor person, there is an abundance of avenues available for you to get to know Alaska. These include cultural and historical museums, heritage centers etc.

As you can see, there is an abundance of things to see and do when in Alaska. If you are feeling adventurous, and like extreme living, take a closer look at this state. A number of active lifestyle communities are located in Alaska, which can make your 55+ retirement life wonderful and comfortable. A wide array of amenities is available in these best of 55 plus communities to facilitate an active retirement lifestyle.If you have the funds, you may even invest in Alaska retirement communities as a holiday property. Visit our website® for more information.

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