Few Reasons for Unexplained Weight Loss in Seniors

Some older adults may find they shed the pounds faster than they used to once they reach a certain age. Although initially, you may rejoice at this weight loss, excessive weight loss for no apparent reason can be cause for alarm. Here are a few reasons you may be losing weight without trying.

Medications and Illnesses

Sudden and continuous weight loss can be due to medications you are taking or to some illness. You may also lose weight because of lack of appetite. You may be eating less because you just don’t feel like eating anymore. Then, you may also lose weight due to some medications. Lack of appetite can be a side effect of this medication. For example, chemotherapy, can lead to vomiting and lack of appetite. You may also develop a dislike to any food you were taking when you were ill. Unexplained weight loss can also occur due to diabetes. Apart from this, depression, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and Celiac disease can also cause unexplained weight loss.

Changes in your Life

Any changes in your life can also lead to lack of appetite and, as a result, weight loss. For example, you may feel disoriented when you move into a retirement home. Others may find it depressing to move in with family and lose their independence. Any decline in health and social activities can also lead to lack of appetite and weight loss.

Changes in Body

Body changes occur with the aging process. You can lose body mass and muscle. You may also start eating less because of slow metabolism. You may feel less and less hungry, and your senses of taste and smell may not be as good as it was before. This too can result in unexplained weight loss because you are eating less than before because food doesn’t taste the same.

Chewing and Swallowing Difficulties

Loss of teeth is a common occurrence with the aging process. This can result in you being extremely selective in what you eat. This too can cause a drop in weight. Swallowing may be difficult due to an illness and this can also make you drop the pounds.

If you are experiencing any unexplained weight loss, speak to your doctor without delay.

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