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Diving Into the Summer Housing Market

June 22, 2022 • Admin

As we make the shift into late spring, and early summer, there’s a communal feeling of renewal and awakening that comes with later sunsets, warm weather, and gardens coming to life. For many of us, the transition unearths goals and aspirations we made for the new year giving us a new burst of energy whether it was getting fit, launching a new career, or finding the perfect home? As things heat up outside, so does the housing market, and for 55+ active adults looking for their dream home, this busy season requires some savvy shopping tactics.

Act Fast
According to, March-July is the prime time for homebuyers with spring and summer months boosting home inventory, but buyers beware because with an increased supply comes increased demand. It’s common to walk into a home that’s been on the market for two hours to find out it already has a half dozen offers on the table. Keep your options open and be prepared to dish out your bargaining chips on “the one,” or be ok with exploring other possibilities. Depending on the situation, a personalized letter to the seller, or builder can help stake your claim on the home you love.

Get Acquainted
With landscapes in full bloom, and neighbors out, and about, now is a wonderful time to get an idea of how your prospective neighborhood lives, and plays. Gauge the traffic flow, property maintenance, noise level, and available places to walk, or ride a bike. For buyers in the market for an active adult community, most have taken the guesswork out of safety concerns, and livable spaces offering maintained homes in an ideal setting. Visiting before taking the plunge allows you to try before you buy and chatting with existing residents is a great idea to get an insider view of a potential community.

Location Location
From concerts in the park, drive-in theatres, and farmers’ markets, to being near airports, and dining options, the home should be where the entertainment and recreation are. Everyone’s getting out in the fresh air, and whether it’s having hiking trails nearby, a tennis court, or a swimming pool, finding a location that meets these needs is important to enjoy life to its fullest. Many age-targeted or age-restricted communities already offer these amenities without ever leaving home, but if not, having access to fun in the sun can make or break a home buying decision. Fixer-upper or new construction now is the time to take advantage of making the American Dream a reality

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