Discover California’s Farm-to-Table Capital

California’s capital is fast-paced and progressive, but no matter how much “city” goes into it, nothing can take away from its deep agricultural roots. For the baby boomer or retiree who can’t decide between going urban or spending the weekend whitewater rafting, Sacramento, otherwise known as The River City, is a harmonious blend of modern meets country. What started out as the birthplace of the 1848 Gold Rush has turned into a thriving epicenter for education, business development, and a farm-to-table way of life.

Sacramento has been dubbed the Farm-to-Fork capital and the diversified city that sits where the American meets the Sacramento River. Home to the grand State Capitol Building, and historic attractions including Old Sacramento, and Gold Country, this isn’t a city to just drive through, it’s one to be explored. Named one of the best cities to live by Sunset Magazine, and, Sacramento boasts nearly 300 days of sun, infinite amenities, and a growing 55+ demographic attracted to the city’s affordable active adult housing market, and age-friendly lifestyle.

The city’s close proximity to major destinations makes it easy to jump in the car, or board a plane at Sacramento International Airport for a getaway to the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe, taste the fruits of Napa’s sun-kissed vineyards, or explore the Bay area’s high energy. When it comes to outdoor recreation, Sacramento has it all from whitewater rafting, kayaking, and fishing, to miles of biking, and walking trails that wind through protected wildlife habitats. When it comes to cycling, the American River Bikeway is an iconic 32-mile stretch that takes riders on a historic trek from Old Town Sacramento to Folsom Dam. Stop offs include two golf courses at Ancil Hoffman Park, and Campus Commons, and scenic Arden Bar William Pond recreational fishing spot.

Many towns take pride in their local agriculture, but when it comes to eating locally, Sacramento is the Rolls Royce of farm to table. With 1.5 acres of farmland, more than a hundred locally-owned restaurants, and a long growing season, it’s no surprise that its fertile soil cultivates some of the nation’s finest crops and regional wines. Sacramento’s heartland is celebrated through local events including the Farm to Fork Festival, live plays, and music performances, and displayed through stunning art exhibits. While this vibrant city continues to grow, and evolve as a capital metropolis, growing hometown flavor is what will sustain this region in the years to come.

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