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August 9, 2021 • Admin

It’s almost time for snowbirds to be making plans on where to escape the big chill, or maybe you’re ready to ditch your snow tires for good. Fabulous year-round weather means more time enjoying the great outdoors, and getting more movement in because an active adult lifestyle should be about making the most of your next chapter. For fitness, and mild temps let’s find out which states won’t leave you stuck inside.

Oregon might seem like an unlikely choice because doesn’t it rain all the time? While northern parts of the state experience their fair share of moisture, areas east of the Cascade Mountains and Southern regions tend to be on the drier side. Rain or shine, Oregonians love to get out and play whether it’s hiking, getting out on the river, or enjoying a bike ride. According to the United Health Foundation, Oregon came in second to Colorado as one of the country’s healthiest states, with a lower rate of cardiovascular deaths, and physical inactivity. They don’t call this place a Pacific Wonderland for nothing!

According to AARP, Hawaii made the list for its population having a longer life span, and a high number of people engaging in exercise. 55+ active adults and baby boomers won’t find a more picturesque destination. With a reputation for mild weather all year long, health-minded retirees have been flocking to this tropical location for scuba diving, swimming, hiking, or exploring the island on a bike. ABC News also dubbed this lush paradise one of the happiest states, with a low prevalence of depression.

Arizona is not only the birthplace of the first 55+ community, but this desert oasis has been a long-time destination for retirees looking for an active lifestyle, from its championship golf courses to exploring breathtaking sights like Sedona, and the Grand Canyon. gave Arizona the thumbs up for a low rate of obesity, and many active adult living communities throughout the state provide a plethora of on-site fitness amenities catering to health-conscious individuals.

The Golden State of California offers retirees a vast array of outdoor recreation and idyllic weather. From the stunning Shasta National Forest in the north to coastal San Diego, there is a region to suit any lifestyle with the majority of California boasting mild temps and varied geography. According to America’s Health Rankings, California has fewer smokers and a lower obesity rate. A healthy dose of fitness opportunities whether it’s hiking, cycling, or water skiing gives active adults the perfect destination for sunny skies and west coast vibes.

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