Cities For Art Lovers

February 7, 2022 • Admin

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, or love getting lost in a gallery, there’s no need to go across the pond to experience spectacular museums, grand architecture, and awe-inspiring exhibits. There is no denying the mental, and visual benefits of being surrounded by art, and having the tangible experience of seeing it face to face. From the grandeur of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art to the iconic Smithsonian in D.C, some of the best destinations to channel your inner impressionist don’t require a passport.

Rated one of the nation’s most cultural cities by Travel & Leisure, Philadelphia is a creative immersion, home to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Avenue of the Arts is the epicenter of the city boasting five art venues including the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, and Millennium Art Gallery. Listen to live music performances, or watch a dance show, savor the culinary arts, as well as enjoy Philly’s abundance of shops. This city is steeped in rich history and renowned landmarks where a glimpse into the past is truly a work of art.

New York City
Nothing says art vibe quite like NYC. This colorful, and diverse city is famous for its creative roots and globally recognized for having an endless number of world-famous galleries, and exhibits. Home to over two million works of art, and the infamous Rocky steps, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is known as one of the largest in the U.S. and boasts exquisite exterior architecture. Day or night, visitors can spend an evening surrounded by the glamour of a Broadway show, or spend a summer afternoon meandering through the Museum of Modern Art’s sculpture garden, but whatever one’s style, an ideal New York minute is best spent under the artist’s spotlight.

Santa Fe
With roots in Native American and Hispanic culture, Santa Fe has a rich fusion of cultural artistry. From the traditional to the abstract, 250 art galleries, and local artisans come together to create a visually captivating art scene. Canyon Road has a dense concentration of museums, shops, and dining spots, and draws tourists to experience modern, and historic art. The Railyard has a collection of art galleries and performing art studios including the Railyard Performance Center, and William Siegal Gallery. The ancient adobe huts and enchanting landscape lend to the aesthetic appeal of this unique city.

San Francisco
Everything about the bay city exudes art from the towering Golden Gate Bridge to the Victorian-style architecture. Experience the color, and sounds of Chinatown, the tranquility of the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, and the vivid murals of the Mission. San Francisco is a melting pot of artistry boasting an array of galleries, and performing art venues such as the San Francisco Symphony, and Ballet. The creative energy in this town explains why so many leave their hearts in San Francisco.

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