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Focus on New Jersey

Retirement years are looming around the corner. Have you considered what you are going to do and where you will spend these years? If you are toying with the idea of retiring to New Jersey, yet are not sold on it, let us provide you with a few simple reasons as to why New Jersey might be an ideal state for you to retire to.

Happy healthy senior couple

Are you at Risk of Developing Diabetes?

Have you noticed when you pass 50+ our list of medications increases with every passing year? First, we start with medication for managing HP and heart conditions and then move on from there to medication for arthritis, bladder issues, digestion problems, etc. etc. Well, let me add another medication to this long list. How about diabetes medication? According to the New York City Health Department, as of June 10th, diabetes is at an all-time high. It contributed to 5,695 deaths in the past year. Furthermore, diabetes claims at least one life every 90 minutes. Aren’t these appalling statistics? What should we do?

The Importance of Social Media for Social Citizens

The Importance of Social Media for Social Citizens

Surprisingly, based upon the newest statistics on several websites, seniors are the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook. Initially, it seemed difficult to believe, one tends to think of teenagers holding this marker, but upon research this is factual. Thanks to the availability of the internet for everyone, seniors are easily being introduced to this amazing world of communication.

Social media is no longer exclusive to teens and young adults, it is a way of life that is making the world smaller and making it simple to keep in touch with friends and family.

When you think about it, seniors probably need social media more than any other demographic. Just imagine being able to find long lost school friends and keep in close touch with relatives. Think about rekindling old relationships with high school friends. Imagine the joy of being able to look at grandchildren’s pictures – just a few minutes after they were taken – it’s second to being there. That is called instant gratification and that is what the internet offers.

A day spent without any personal interaction can remove the ‘life’ out of life. Thanks to our technological advances, social media gives seniors the ability to have fun right from the comfort of home. It is now possible for seniors to communicate with their loved ones, see heart-warming pictures of their grandchildren, and be updated on their friends on what amazing things they are up to.

If you are a senior or have senior parents or grandparents who have not grabbed this social media, now is the best time to get your own account. Social media isn’t just about communication, it’s more about sharing our everyday experiences with our friends and loved ones.

Look at for an article on internet security.

Where to Fire Up Your Next Round In Goodyear

Where to Fire up Your Next Round in Goodyear

Don’t worry about packing up your clubs for the season, because in Goodyear Arizona, tee time is a year-round event. Whatever your level of expertise, when it comes to nailing the perfect swing, the Phoenix metro area is the Rolls Royce of golf destinations with over 300 courses-nearly equaling the number of sunny days per year, and has been featured by Golf Digest as one of the top golf destinations in the country. Home to half a dozen championship fairways, the suburb of Goodyear is a Maricopa County favorite – a little more low-key than the city of Phoenix, but no less ahead of the game.

Tres Rios
Warm up at your own pace with a hike through Estrella Mountain Regional Park for 20,000 acres of everything from horseback riding, to trail runs, but this kind of scenic overture can only mean one thing – breathtaking golf. With the Estrella Mountains setting the stage, the park is also home to Tres Rios Golf Course – a sprawling Red Lawrence designed 71-par fairway revamped in 1998 to include a pro-shop, bar and grill, and offer world-class practice facilities for burgeoning golf newbies.

Eco Friendly

Simple Solutions to Green Up Your Nest

Going green is more than just about saving energy. Taking a deep breath of clean air at the end of a day is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, and why builders like Kolter Homes believe that wellness should begin at home. As buzzy as the phrases eco-friendly, and clean living have become, feeling our best goes beyond the food pyramid to include the home innovations, and technologies that protect both ourselves, and the environment.

Clear the Air
When it comes to indoor pollutants, home is a notorious problem child. From our beloved pets to the bowl of potpourri on the coffee table, our sanctuaries are a trap for dust and odors. Open windows as much as possible to allow fresh air to circulate, and consider investing in an air purifier, and a vacuum equipped with HEPA filtration technology. Along with becoming fastidious about dusting, experts also recommend changing your home’s air filter every 30-60 days – more frequently for allergy sufferers and households with pets. You might want to head to your garden center because believe it or not, houseplants not only spruce things up, they also serve an important role in absorbing airborne toxins such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde.

How to Market to Modern Age Boomers

Most active adults would agree that their version is not their grandparent’s retirement. They’re an on-the-go discerning group of consumers who know what they want, and how to find it. City developers, tech companies, and home builders are becoming privy to the fact that if they’re going to effectively target this savvy population, they’ll have big shoes to fill. When it comes to being in-the-know about the latest devices, purchasing a home, or navigating the job market, today’s baby boomers are not to be underestimated.

Create More Jobs
Who said anything about retiring? According to a 2017 Gallup survey, about 74% of adults planned to work past retirement age, and based on the number of boomers delving into entrepreneurship, or continuing in their current careers, this percentage will likely be on the upswing. Larger cities with strong job markets include D.C, Miami, San Diego, and Seattle – and pairing a robust economy with accessible amenities, and efficient public transit makes it easier than ever to put the retirement party on the back burner.

How College Town Life Can Turn Back the Clock

Even when your frat party, pulling an all-nighter days are over, there’s something rejuvenating about living in a college town. Most retirees agree that the cool university vibe inspires youth by osmosis – keeping them active and engaged in a setting that typically offers more than the average city in terms of amenities and culture. Driving through towns like Eugene Oregon, home to Oregon State University, and Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, you’ll often see an equal number of older adults, and backpacking collegiates riding around on bikes, and mingling at the local coffee shop. Whether or not it makes you miss your days in academia, college towns have a knack for exuding youthful energy.

There’s Always Something To Do – Most college towns are as entertaining as they are studious. Galleries, shops, and performing arts venues are usually within walking distance and typically stay open late. Step outside campuses like Southern Oregon University in Ashland, and you’re next door to the local Shakespeare Festival, and First Friday Art Walk, or the University of Wisconsin in Madison where you’ll find live music every day of the week. In addition to walkable downtown areas, and exciting cultural events, college kids know where to find the best food in town. From the local watering hole to upscale dining, university towns are usually packed with great restaurants and offer an array of options that cater to current diet trends.

Denali National Park

Become One With Nature – Escape to Denali National Park

As summer temperatures reach record highs, you’re probably entertaining thoughts of Russian ice bars and powdered ski slopes. While a trip to the beach might seem obvious when you’re staring triple digits in the face – what about venturing off the beaten path to coexist with wildlife, and watch North America’s highest snow-capped peak ascend into the clouds? This isn’t any summer destination, it’s Denali National Park. Here you won’t find fancy water parks or poolside cabanas- but instead be completely captivated and enthralled by six million acres of natural tapestry, and summer weather that feels more like a crisp spring day.

Denali National Park is the 3rd largest in the U.S – a delicate balance of fauna and flora, dense coniferous forests, and flowing, braided rivers carved by glaciers. Mt. Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) looms over the park extending an invitation to create your own adventure whether that’s getting a jaw-dropping aerial view on a Denali Airplane tour, or zip-line endeavor, hiking the Savage River Loop, and Toklat East Branch Trail, or riding the rapids on a whitewater trip down Nenana River located just outside the park. Additionally, mid-summer daylight hours extend well past 10 p.m so there’s no need to chase the sun. It’s not uncommon for buses to brake for grizzlies or rogue hares crossing the road as you take a narrated wilderness tour through the tundra, but if you’re lucky enough to catch a un-shrouded glimpse of Denali mountain itself, you’ve reached the pinnacle of what most can only dream of marking off their bucket list.