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Are You a Senior Seeking a Job After Retirement?

When Time is at Hand After Retirement, How do You Find another Job?

Retirement may be all exciting in its early stages. However, it can get boring when you have nothing but time on your hands. This may prompt the thought of returning to work, at least on a part-time basis. Are you seeking re-entrance to the workforce, now that you have thoroughly enjoyed some time in retirement? If so, there are a few factors that you should consider before applying for a job.

10 Affordable Winter Getaways

Winter is approaching pretty quickly, and the holiday season is almost upon us. There is only so much cold weather that a person can take before they look for a warm place to go, so are you fantasizing about an affordable, sunny getaway this winter? If so, here are 10 affordable winter getaways that you can consider.

10 Best Beach Towns for Retirees

Most people dream of the day when they’ll be able to sit in the sun, listen to the waves crashing on the surf and enjoy the peaceful pace of life. Although many beach retirement destinations may be over budget, there are a few places which are affordable yet provide you all the amenities you are looking for. Here are ten best beach towns for retirees.

10 Best Low Tax Places to Retire

Planning to retire – or retired – where will you retire to? When considering downsizing or relocating you will likely consider taxes; on a retirement budget this is a major consideration unless you select a low tax state. If you live in these states, you will not be taxed on your Social Security and various other incomes. For those seeking the most advantageous tax benefits, here are ten best low tax places for retirement.

10 Best Places to Downsize in Retirement

The reduction of living costs becomes a factor once you retire. Now that you are living on a fixed income, you need to be more aware about what you spend your money on. This is the time when you should consider downsizing your home for your retirement. You should look for places with below-average housing costs and a low cost of living. However, you also need to take in to account that it should be a place where you have the amenities necessary for a fun and active lifestyle. Here are ten places to consider downsizing to for your retirement.

10 Great Places to Retire for Active Adult Sports Fans

Retirement gives you many options. It leaves you with time to do just about anything you want. So, if you are a serious sports fan and want to live in a city where you can live and breathe basketball or football or tennis, here are 10 great retirement options.

10 Best Places to Retire for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and for years have been sitting at your desk dreaming of having the time to enjoy the great outdoors, there are many places to retire which will readily provide you the opportunity to kayak, mountain climb, ski, hike, go fishing or simply enjoy the outdoors with miles of walking, mountain biking or hiking tracks. So, if you are looking forward to such and outdoor bound lifestyle in your 55+ years, here are 10 of the best places that you can consider retiring to. Our 10 best retirement locations for outdoor lovers are bound to be places that will let you make the best of the outdoors.

10 Best Places to Launch a New Career after Retirement

Most retirees prefer to continue working after they have retired as it gives them a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Retirees also enjoy a career after retirement because it also helps them generate an income that can make ends meet more comfortably. However, some cities may not be suitable to launch a retirement career, and this is why it is important to find a place suitable for retirement careers, if that is what you would like to do. Here are’s ten best places to launch a retirement career: