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Ladd Park in Franklin,Tennessee for a Natural, Traditional Lifestyle

Located in the picturesque rolling hills of Williamson County, east of I-65, lies a quaint little community of 87 homes known as Ladd Park. If you are a 55 plus senior looking for a traditional lifestyle with all the modern amenities and facilities, you can definitely look into this community. With little doubt, you may choose to purchase a home and settle down here to spend your 55+ retirement years in the awesome Active Adult Living that bundles a whole range of benefits and amenities in one package.

Fairfield Glade, Tennessee Featuring Realtor – Dave DeVos

The serene, natural beauty of the Cumberland Plateau, 2000+ feet above sea level bordered by 200,000 acres of state owned wilderness, has earned Fairfield Glade a place among the top retirement destinations in America. We’re off the beaten path in the wooded hills just off I-40, but within a short drive to Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga and about midway between Florida and the Great Lakes.

6 Money Saving Tips for Active Seniors

Active Adult Living Made Better with Money Savvy Measures

The rising cost of living is not easy for most seniors.  You, as an active senior, may be living on a fixed income and the rising utility bills, gas and food prices may be quite worrying.  This can be true even if you have planned well for retirement.  However, there are ways to stretch that income, if you follow some money savvy practices. Here are a few methods that you can take into consideration to keep your finances stable and your mind free of worry.

Best States for Retiring

Born in one place, educated somewhere else, worked in many different places, including foreign postings and now it is time to settle down for your retirement. This is not an uncommon situation today. Past few decades have changed the world so much that we have so many options when we have to take a decision regarding our lives.

Focus on Tennessee

When you think of Tennessee, it is sure to conjure the image of Elvis, the late King of Rock and Roll.  However, Tennessee offers so much more.  Tennessee is full of beauty, southern hospitality, a low cost of living, four seasons of weather and a land that offers just about anything for everyone.  If you are considering moving to Tennessee in your retirement years, let us provide you a few more reasons to add more weight to your choice.

The Importance of Proper Walking Shoes for Seniors

Very few of us consider the importance of proper exercise gear.  Proper exercise gear is necessary to ensure a safe and effective routine.  Most often, many people assume that since walking is a low-impact exercise, they do not need to pay attention to their shoes as a runner would but this can be a disastrous move.  Therefore, if you are an active adult who likes to keep physically fit by walking daily, you should invest in a proper pair of walking shoes.

Keeping Fit Beyond Middle Age

Life as it approaches the 55+ mark leads to giving up on various activities, including working full time.  While retirement is part and parcel to life, it is meant to give you more time for doing things you want to do but never had the free time for.  While you may be letting go of certain routines, you should never give up your fitness routine.  Hitting the 55+ mark, means you may not any longer be vigorously training 2 hours a day!  Yet, you still need to exercise so that you stay fit and trim.  You may not have had time to exercise with your busy schedule before.  However, now that you have the time in your retired life, it is suggested that you to carve out some time for exercise, so that you can live beyond your middle age keeping fit as a fiddle.


Guess what?  You may find out that exercising is so much more fun that what you expected it to be.  If you are a resident of one of many thousands of active adult communities across the USA, you will be having all the amenities you need, right in your own back yard, so to say!  From walking trails to hiking paths, and from cycling tracks to indoor fitness, not to mention yoga and aerobics classes, there will be plenty of activities to choose from.  Some communities come even with heated pools while an outdoor community pool is typically a fixture in any of these senior communities.  Swimming, jogging, yoga, cycling, walking etc will all provide you with ample exercise and good fun too, as you get to engage in these activities with good friends in the neighborhood.


As you know there are many benefits to exercise irrespective of whether you are young or old.  Exercise increases your metabolism, prevents the onset of various diseases, increases muscle strength, helps build and maintain healthy bones, and helps you manage stress.  However, you need to plan your exercise and know few important things, in order to avoid any injuries.  Before you begin your exercise regimen, remember you are no longer in your 20’s or 30’s.  Therefore, choose an exercise that fits you well.  Here are some of the main categories of exercises that you need to consider building in to your workout plan:


  • Cardio Activities –These include walking, biking, jogging, swimming etc.  This type of activity helps improve circulation and the health of your heart.
  • Strengthening Exercises – This type of exercise is aimed at building muscle tissue and reducing muscle loss that comes with age.
  • Stretching Exercises – Stretching is extremely necessary before and after any physical activity.  Therefore, you need to spend time stretching.  Stretching also increases flexibility.
  • Balance Exercises – These exercises are great at any age.  They help you to improve your balance, which can be extremely useful in preventing a fall.


There are other benefits apart from the health benefits of exercise.  For example, if you have just moved to a senior retirement community, exercise is a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends.  Just think, before you know it, you will be a part of group that takes part in Tai Chi or jogging or biking in the mornings.  Exercising with friends from your community also enables you to communicate with others who are similar in age and have similar interests.  You will be surprised at how much you look forward to your exercise routine every day, when you live in one of these communities.


Keeping yourself fit after middle age does not have to be a chore.  It can be rather enjoyable, especially if you are a resident of an action packed senior living community where there will be activities tailor made for your age.  Below are just a few we chose randomly from our data base of over 5,800 communities.  Visit and browse through communities in your preferred States:



There are many more communities that cater to all your senior lifestyle requirements and that will surely keep you fit and healthy past middle age.  Choose a community that matches with your dream lifestyle, be it fishing at the waterfront; fun and sun at the beach or country life in the great outdoors. shares with you a wealth of information on over 5,800 senior living communities across the country, with easy browsing and search facilities.  We invite you to join the ActiveAdultLiving Face book page so that special alerts, news and promotion links from the communities will come to you automatically.  Sign up for the Active Living Newsletter as well and if you are on Twitter, do follow us on Twitter and get our daily Tweets.

Homes at Less than $150,000 in Active Adult Communities – Interested?

Buying a house can be an expensive affair. The costs of houses these days are exorbitant and sometimes, ridiculous.  If you are of retirement age and thinking of retiring to an active adult community, you may wonder about the prices of these homes. Although you might have saved a significant sum of money as you planned for purchasing a home in your retirement, some homes may be beyond your budget. What would you do in an instance such as this? You definitely do not want to move in with family and children. You want an independent lifestyle where you can hang out with people your own age who have similar interests and lifestyles. However, if the price is what is bothering you, you should know that there are hundreds of communities for 55+ senior active adults with homes that are priced less than $150,000. Check out nearly 2,900 Active Adult Communities with Homes Priced at $150,000 or Less by browsing through the communities database.

Apart from the price of the home, you should consider other factors before you purchase or rent a home in an active adult community. You should not consider a cheap retirement home without considering the reputation and longevity of the property developer and home builder, the community’s level of maintenance, the services and amenities provided and the number of people who live in the community.Below are listed some examples of communities that are well maintained, have a good reputation, and provide you with the amenities to make your life interesting and exciting. 

Providence Point, Issaquah, Washington

Providence Point is one of the best valued retirement communities in the state of Washington. This is a 180-acre, gated community set in one of the most beautiful surroundings. Homes in this community start at less than $120,000. This is an ideal community for active adults as they can enjoy arts and crafts clubs, bridge clubs and garden clubs, indoor swimming, tennis and much more. All homes in this community have been built to exacting specifications. You are sure to find a home that fits your budget and lifestyle in this community.

East BayPoint, Frederica, Delaware

East Bay Point is an age-targeted, maintenance free, senior friendly community. It is an intimate community that is situated close to shopping, beaches and dining. Homes on East Bay Point are built according to ranch style homes for space and comfort. You will enjoy a life of extreme comfort and relaxation if you purchase a home in this community. With homes priced starting at just $139,900(such as their Sundeck Model for quick delivery on lot 3) you are sure to find a great home in this community that will please your tastes and your pocketbook.

Albemarle Plantation, Herford, North Carolina

This is a value-priced luxury gated, golf and boating community bordering the Albemarle Sound and Yeopim Creek.It is a 2,000 acre community that offers you the choice of purchasing single family detached homes, condominiums (currently starting at under $135,000) and ready to build lots, some priced at less than $35,000. Albemarle Sound provides you a superb 18-hole golf course, a large 25-meter swimming pool and lighted tennis and bocce ball courts. You can stay in shape, relax to your heart’s content, and make new friends and enjoy your retirement in this gorgeous waterfront community. 

A senior retirement community that you can afford that provides you all the amenities and facilities you need for the right price are just within your reach. There are a number of other communities that you can consider.

If you are looking for affordable, well-maintained, age targeted or restricted active adult communities, you should visit All communities are categorized according to price, lifestyle and state to make your search easier.

By the way, if you are 62 years of age or better, you could be able to double your purchasing power and preserve your hard earned cash by utilizing a HECM for Purchase mortgage with no monthly payment – ever, for as long as you or your surviving occupy the home as your primary residence.  And here’s some more good news; credit history and current income are NOT even considered with the HECM for Purchase mortgage, according to Bill Thomas of Lifestyle Planning 101.

So with that in mind, you might want to set your sights higher and get yourself a bigger place or buy a home with more optional extras than what you originally thought you could afford!