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How Londonderry Keeps Its Charm

We all have that place that comes to mind in a game of anywhere but here – that sentimental spot that makes us feel homesick even if we’ve never actually lived there. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in the Northeastern part of the country, Londonderry, New Hampshire is that kind of town. Located one hour north of Boston in Western Rockingham County, this sleepy little community is a 300-year-old treasure that mingles Colonial American history with rich Irish heritage for the ideal rural active adult lifestyle.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
Settled in 1719, Londonderry, and its sister town of Derry were once one in the same, but after parting ways in 1827, this close-knit community has managed to stay true to its humble Irish roots. Famous for its rambling apple orchards brought in by Irish settlers, and emerald expanses of rolling farmland, Londonderry is synonymous with pastoral beauty, and a wholesome country lifestyle that hasn’t changed much over the past three centuries

New Hampshire

A Taste of Old World Europe – On the New England Seacoast

If a coastal retirement is calling your name, Portsmouth New Hampshire should be on your shortlist. Said to be the 3rd oldest city in the country, this quaint colonial town is considered to be the darling of the New England seacoast steeped in maritime history and voted one of America’s top 100 walking cities. Named after the English town of Portsmouth, this storybook destination has an irresistible European aesthetic from its cobblestone streets, and 17th-century architecture, to the ethereal bells that echo from North Church. With picturesque waterfront views, a tax friendly climate, and an industrious history, this beloved vacation spot has turned many into full-time sea dwellers.

Known for its friendly atmosphere, Portsmouth is just under an hour from Boston, and a short drive from some of the most spectacular beaches on the east coast. What began as a shipbuilding, and fishing town has flourished into a city of over 21,000 where centuries of rich history shakes hands with modern day life. put New Hampshire on the top of the list as one of the best retirement cities boasting no sales tax, (hello tax-free retail therapy), and it does not tax retirement income. With hidden treasures scattered throughout the city, walkability is a big part of what makes this town so appealing. A variety of walking tours including the Portsmouth Harbor Trail and plenty of brick-lined ambience turns a casual stroll into a historic journey down memory lane. From golf, and cross-country skiing to sailing the Piscataqua River, Portsmouth is an idyllic town for any style of outdoor enthusiast.

New Hampshire Makes the Honor Roll for Retirees

New Hampshire captures the best of New England with its scenic beauty and unbeatable quality of life that has moved it to the number one spot for retirees according to a Bankrate survey. Known for friendly people, and endless recreation, the Granite State has so much to offer active adults with a passion for history, and outdoor living. Newsmax named Enfield, Portsmouth, Concord, and Manchester the most popular cities in New Hampshire to retire, and with low cost of living, and no income tax, retirees will appreciate the affordable lifestyle. New Hampshire was named the 3rd safest state by U.S News & World Report, provides high-quality healthcare, and health nuts get ready to unite because this part of the country has some of the best hiking in New England.

Northeast United States

The Northeast region of the United States consists of eleven states.  The oldest and largest being the home of the Big Apple, officially known as The Empire State (New York).  Rhode Island is the smallest state in the northeast region.  Six states in the northeast are known together as the New England states.  These are Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  The Middle Atlantic States, which are the last five, comprise of New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania.  The northeast part of the United States is connected in the north by Canada and east by the Atlantic Ocean. The American South borders the souththernmost part of the northeast region and the American Midwest borders the west.  More than 2/3 of the American population resides in the northeast region of the United States.  The northeast states are rich in history as all these states belonged to the Thirteen Colonies although Maine and Vermont were part of other colonies before independence.

Focus on New Hampshire

Isles of Shoals lighthouse, New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a State definitely worth a second look, if you are now considering all of the possible States to start your new life at 55+.  Now that your kids have gone off on their own, you will find that a new chapter has dawned in your life.  With retirement, you will definitely feel the difference between an Empty Nesters way of life vs. what it used to be before.  This is why it will certainly be the right time to explore a new State and settle down in a place that will let you pursue now the things you love to do ….but never had the time to do before.  New Hampshire, also known as the “Granite State”, is located in the northeastern part of the United States.  Moving to New Hampshire could be an exhilarating and thrilling experience for you.  Let us tell you why.

Walking and Jogging Keeps Active Adults Fit

It is common knowledge that exercise keeps you healthy.  Exercise is required for proper blood circulation, controlling your weight, combating heart disease, improving your mood, and the best news – it delays aging.  Engaging in at least half an hour of physical activity everyday can be extremely beneficial. What generally happens in reality is that even if you have paid attention to keeping fit during your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – when you reach age55+, most people tend to let go of a fitness regime.  However, it is especially important for seniors to stay fit and healthy with proper exercise. This does not mean you have to jump around and exert yourself excessively.  It  means that half an hour of moderate exercise such as walking or jogging will suffice to give you health benefits.  Furthermore you, as a person over the age of 55, should be careful about your joints.  Therefore, it is highly beneficial for you to consider walking and light jogging instead of any other high impact exercises. If you are considering an Active Adult Living community, you may wish to consider ones with walking trails to help you stay fit and trim. Visit where over 5,800 communities are listed with information and links to community web sites.

Do’s and Don’ts of Walking and Jogging

If you wish to be an active adult, in excellent condition, you should consider a few factors when beginning walking and jogging.

  •            Invest in a good pair of shoes.  Many people do not know that wearing the wrong shoes will cause long-term problems.  Wearing the wrong shoes will cause heel pain, knee pain, arch pain, back pain etc.  You do not want this aggravation now.
  •           Always warm up before beginning any exercise regimen.  Warming up prepares your body for the exercise and prevents injury and aches and pains that go with exercise.  It is also important to cool down with few simple stretching exercises at the end of your walking.
  •           Drink plenty of water.  Water is necessary to prevent dehydration.  Your muscles don’t work as well as they should when you are dehydrated.  Furthermore, dehydration can cause low blood pressure.
  •           Avoid running on asphalt.  If you are a jogger, you should not run on a hard surface; this is asking for trouble.  Running on hard surfaces can cause injuries that may have long-term consequences.  Therefore, try and avoid hard surfaces as much as possible.
  •           Always wear proper clothing.  Proper exercise clothing is necessary for comfort and safety.  Always choose the most suitable clothes for exercise, whether you are walking or running.  If you are a night walker or jogger, wear some reflective clothing that illuminates your shape.

Best Place for Walking or Jogging

It can be dangerous if you do not know where you should walk or run.  For example, urban roads can be extremely dangerous for exercise.  However, if you are an adult living in a retirement community, you will find many places safe for running or jogging.  Most communities are fully equipped with all the facilities that active adults need to stay fit and trim.   These communities provide community residents with a variety of healthful opportunities such as a fitness center, tennis courts, swimming pools and walking or jogging tracks. Some of these communities are gated and provide you peace of mind to walk or jog to your heart’s content.  If you are an active adult who takes care of your health, or you are an empty nester and need a change, you can consider a move to a community where you can exercise, have fun and enjoy your newfound independence. 

Check out more details on some of the communities mentioned below which are equipped with walking trails and jogging facilities.  Don’t forget to visit the website for myriads of similar communities in your preferred State of residence:

·         Windsor Hills – The Woodlands, Texas

·         Solivita– Poinciana, Florida

·         The Villages at Herring Creek by Schell Brothers – Lewes, Delaware

·         Heritage Point – Barnegat, New Jersey

·         Chapelwood– Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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