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Health Tips for Seniors: How to Strengthen Aging Muscles

One of the greatest concerns associated with aging is the loss of muscle strength and tone. As we age, it becomes harder to keep our muscles healthy. These muscles get smaller and lose their density, decreasing the strength in our muscles and increasing the likelihood of fracture if we fall. What we must realize is that we can still strengthen our muscles and stay fit if we take a few minutes every day to do some muscle-strengthening exercises. A healthy diet in conjunction is a must as well.

Best Places to Retire

What are Some of the Best Places to Retire?

When you reach retirement age, you may worry about where you should retire to.  These places should be safe with a very low crime rate, should have low taxes, low cost of living, reasonably priced homes with opportunities to stay active, plus have quality health care and good weather etc.  There are a number of states that provide you all of the above and more.  According to Forbes Magazine’s June issue of 2012, there are many places that are suitable for retiring.  Below are some of the best states to retire to.

New Mexico is not only Forbes’ best places to retire; it is also vouched for by us.  This is a state that has many things to offer a retiree.  It is an enchanted state with breathtaking sunsets and fabulous, delicious cuisine. With a low 4.9% income tax rate, fantastic weather, cultural diversity, low crime rate, and high-quality medical care, New Mexico is rated as the Top state for retirement. If you are interested in a life of fun and frolic with many activities and amenities, you should consider a retirement community in New Mexico. One of the best retirement communities in this great state is Del Webb at Mirehaven in Albuquerque. This gated community offers you high desert views, mountain trails and plenty of open space to make the most of your days. Homes are affordable, priced at mid $200’s and you can enjoy your day just relaxing by the pool in the 10,000+ sq. ft. clubhouse.  Life is easy, fun and exciting in New Mexico making it an ideal place to retire.

Meijer Tropical Conservatory

The Artistic Expressions of Grand Rapids Michigan

Grand Rapids expresses itself through its many works of art. Beyond what you’d find in a gallery, this industrious mid-western city is a masterpiece for the senses adorned with natural beauty, intriguing sculptural exhibits, and brilliant local talent. From visually captivating botanical gardens, and vibrant downtown murals, to lively art, and music events, Grand Rapids is a mecca of artistic inspiration and creativity. Voted one of Michigan’s top five cities for art by, this cultural destination will leave a lasting impression on any art connoisseur.

Visual Arts
A visit to Grand Rapids isn’t complete without experiencing ArtPrize. This annual 19-day event transforms the city into a canvas of international artistry, and imaginative displays. From the most far out abstracts to Da Vinci inspired classics, this annual competition awards two grand prizes of $200,000, along with additional grants donated in support of local artisans, and businesses. Dozens of top rated art venues including the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the renown Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, and LaFontsee Galleries offer a glimpse into the city’s rich art culture.

The Secret to Adventure Starts With Michigan

Michigan may not be the first state that comes to mind for an active retirement, but the Great Lakes State should earn kudos for the lifestyle opportunities it offers to retirees, and baby boomers ready to embrace their next chapter. Home to 127 active adult communities, four seasons, and vibrant cities, Michigan is also dubbed one of the most affordable states to settle down in according to U.S News & World Report. Marketing to a niche demographic, in this case the 55 and better crowd, means meeting the needs, and desires of this targeted group, and Michigan’s active lifestyle builders have stepped up to the plate designing communities from the capital of Lansing, to the charming city of Ann Arbor. Whether you decide to call yourself a Michigander, or Michiganian, or consider yourself more of an art connoisseur, than an outdoor lover, there’s no shortage of culture or amenities.

Bordered by Lake Erie, Huron, Michigan, and Superior, Michigan is also known as the “Mitten” state after its signature mitten shape on the map. One could also associate the nickname with the state’s cold snowy winters that make for fantastic outdoor recreation, and snow days for those boomers still in the workforce. According to Sperling’s Best Places, summer highs average 81 degrees just perfect for enjoying coastal adventures, biking, or award winning golf. To cure a case of spring fever, stop and smell the tulips in Holland for a taste of Dutch culture without a passport.

Grand Reserve by Del Webb is a Superb Active Adult Community for the 55 Plus Seniors

55 plus seniors who are looking for a unique, active lifestyle should take a look at an active adult community situated in suburban Grand Blanc. Michigan. This is none other than, Grand Reserve by Del Webb. Located less than 5 miles from Flint, this community, is in proximity to shopping, golf, dining and more. However, it also provides you the tranquil lifestyle you need to make it an ideal Active Adult Living.

Bridgewater – One of the Best 55Plus Places to Turn the Next Chapter of your Life

When you consider retirement, you need to pay close attention to the community you will move to. You need to find out if the community is ideal for your way of life and whether you will be happy in it. You need to know about the homes, the amenities and facilities and also about the builder. You can consider moving to a community only if these factors meet your expectations. One community that you are sure to enjoy retiring into is Bridgewater in Brownstown, Michigan. Let’s see why this community is so special and one of the best + Active Adult Living for Active retirement living that we can recommend.

New Year Resolutions for the Active Adult

New Year Resolutions for the Active Adult for a Healthy and Happy 2013

Half a month has gone sine a New Year has begun and this is the time when you can ask whether you are sticking to your New Year resolutions. We all make New Year resolutions. Some of us make up our minds to somehow reduce our chocolate intake, while others decide that this year; they will lose those extra 4 kilos they have been carrying around. But how many of us stick to our New Year resolutions? It is not an easy task to adhere to these resolutions. But with dedication and perseverance you can do so. The outcome will be that you would be attaining healthier and smarter choices in life, depending on the resolutions you made. If you did not make any New Year resolutions, it is still not too late to do so. Below are some resolutions to consider.