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Why Boston is “America’s Walking City”

Boston has a historic landmark around every corner, a population of die-hard sports fans, and even a state dessert, but what really sets Bostonians apart is their healthy outlook. With parks, attractions, and businesses so close together, Boston makes it easy to get around on foot hence its reputation as “The Walking City.” Named one of the top 10 fittest cities in the country by the American Fitness Index, and ranked #3 on the Forbes healthiest cities list, it’s obvious that Boston’s population loves to move, and with all the outdoor beauty it has to offer, getting out for some exercise doesn’t take much persuasion.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Boston had one of the highest numbers of commuters heading to the office on foot versus getting behind the wheel. Boston is relatively compact with so many hidden gems to explore that walking or biking is the recommended mode of transportation. The city’s famous historic walking tours from the iconic Freedom Trail, and postcard-worthy Beacon Hill tour, to the Road to Revolution, are essential to any Boston experience and combine fresh air and exercise with an intriguing glimpse into Boston’s rich heritage

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What are 55+ Communities?

We have all heard of people who retire to 55+ communities, about all the fun they have playing tennis and lazing around the pool and how much they enjoy their independent lives of relaxation. But, what exactly are 55+ communities, and how do active adults select the right community?

Choosing the Perfect Retirement Home

Choosing the Perfect Retirement Home

Making the Decision of Attached or Detached Retirement Homes

Active adults in the midst of downsizing and considering a move to a retirement home have the choice of attached or detached homes. This can be a bit of a challenging decision as there are various pros and cons to attached and detached homes. If you are in a bind trying to figure out which type of home to move into, here are a few advantages and disadvantages of both types of homes.

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Focus on Massachusetts

Relocating to a new state can be hard.  This is even more challenging; if your familiarity levels of the State you are moving to is at a low level.  While what is unknown and awaiting can certainly add to the excitement, you still need to know as much as possible about the place you plan to relocate.  After all, you are shifting base – probably for good and need to be happy with the environment, climate and what you can do while you live there.  Many active seniors find themselves in a predicament when it comes to educating themselves about the state they plan to move to.  While friends and relatives may give you some info, we too thought of being helpful in this regard. So, if you are considering a move to Massachusetts, here are some useful insights to this awesome State.

Maintenance Free Communities for 55plus active adult retirees & seniors

Why Do Many Baby Boomers Consider Maintenance-Free Living?

The American Dream is no longer home with a white picket fence, a yard, 2.5 kids and a golden retriever.  Things have changed dramatically in the last decade or so.  Now, more and more Americans are considering a home where there is no lawn to be mowed, fence to be painted and no walking the dog or shuttling kids to school.  Dog walkers and car-poolers may solve the last two problems, but not others.  This is because most Americans do not have the time for or the inclination to take on these tasks anymore.  Active lifestyles of empty nesters, baby boomers and seniors make them want to get the best out of their free time and maintaining gardens and homes is certainly not a fun-filled task! This is especially so if you are in the 55+ age group where home maintenance is certainly more of a chore than a joy. We find many baby boomers considering low maintenance or maintenance-free homes when moving into active adult communities for those very valid reasons.

Buying a Home

Things to Consider when Looking for a Home

Empty nesters may find their old homes too large or empty after their children have left their nests.  Folks often consider moving to a smaller home where they can enjoy the good life.  Many senior retirement communities offer a variety of styles of homes for your consideration.  These homes may feature two or three bedrooms, dens, separate living and dining areas or an open plan ‘great room’ concept, and two or three-car garages, etc.  However, your final choice may well depend on your budget and the expectations you have in our mind with regards to how you wish to live your 55+ lifestyle.  Here are some essential factors to consider before making your choice.

Location, Location, Location

Where would you like to live?  This is an important question.  Many baby boomers prefer to move to an area where they will be in proximity to existing friends and neighbors.  This means you have to select a community close to your neighborhood.  However, if you are not really interested in staying in touch, the sky is the limit.  Then, where do you wish to go?  What State?  Do you wish to live in sunny California in a community such as Barcelona by Shea Homes in Brentwood, where the sun shines nearly every day of the year, or Alaska’s Mountain Rose Estates, Palmer, where you could have snow for much of the year?  This is the first step to take before going any further in your investigations of an active adult community.


The next item on your agenda is your budget.  How much is too much for a home in a retirement community?  This depends on how much you are willing to spend to ensure a life of leisure and excitement.  Most communities you will find online are reasonably priced unless, of course, they are luxury communities.  However, luxury communities, such as Regency at Dominion Valley by Toll Brothers in Haymarket, VA, do have their comforts that make it all worthwhile.  But, you are in luck, as you may be able to find communities that sell homes, such as Trilogy at Redmond Ridge – Redmond, WA, where the starting price is just $150,000.

Requirements and Needs

You should not move into a community just because the price is right.  You should always consider a community where you get what you want.  Are you interested in playing golf?  If this is so, you should consider communities such as Trilogy at Verde River by Shea Homes in Rio Verde, AZ, Trilogy at Redmond Ridge in Redmond, WA, or Heather Gardens in Aurora, CO.  What type of adult community are you looking for?  Is it a resort-style community, waterfront community, or mountain community?  Should it be in proximity to doctors’ offices, a hospital, grocery store, pharmacy, etc.?  Once you consider these requirements and needs, you will be able to find a community that suits you.

There is nothing like an active adult community to spend your retirement years.  Each active adult community caters to a set of differentiated needs of 55+ active adults.  You will find fitness centers, pools, tennis courts, billiards, games, card rooms, and libraries in and around the clubhouses of these communities so that you never have to spend a dull day at home.

Many more active adult communities are available for your consideration through our website  Visit our website to look at details on more than 8,500 communities and select the community that best fits your requirements.  We are sure you will find many that will accommodate your preferences.

Best Places to Retire

What are Some of the Best Places to Retire?

When you reach retirement age, you may worry about where you should retire to.  These places should be safe with a very low crime rate, should have low taxes, low cost of living, reasonably priced homes with opportunities to stay active, plus have quality health care and good weather etc.  There are a number of states that provide you all of the above and more.  According to Forbes Magazine’s June issue of 2012, there are many places that are suitable for retiring.  Below are some of the best states to retire to.

New Mexico is not only Forbes’ best places to retire; it is also vouched for by us.  This is a state that has many things to offer a retiree.  It is an enchanted state with breathtaking sunsets and fabulous, delicious cuisine. With a low 4.9% income tax rate, fantastic weather, cultural diversity, low crime rate, and high-quality medical care, New Mexico is rated as the Top state for retirement. If you are interested in a life of fun and frolic with many activities and amenities, you should consider a retirement community in New Mexico. One of the best retirement communities in this great state is Del Webb at Mirehaven in Albuquerque. This gated community offers you high desert views, mountain trails and plenty of open space to make the most of your days. Homes are affordable, priced at mid $200’s and you can enjoy your day just relaxing by the pool in the 10,000+ sq. ft. clubhouse.  Life is easy, fun and exciting in New Mexico making it an ideal place to retire.

Are You a Senior Seeking a Job After Retirement?

When Time is at Hand After Retirement, How do You Find another Job?

Retirement may be all exciting in its early stages. However, it can get boring when you have nothing but time on your hands. This may prompt the thought of returning to work, at least on a part-time basis. Are you seeking re-entrance to the workforce, now that you have thoroughly enjoyed some time in retirement? If so, there are a few factors that you should consider before applying for a job.