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Can Exercise Maintain a Youthful Brain?

We all know exercise is a necessity to maintain mobility, and a healthy weight, but is this also the key to a younger brain? I know if I’ve been at the computer for too many hours, or I’m watching a Netflix marathon my body feels stiff and craves movement. I also find my mind needs a refresher and a change of scenery. There are promising studies showing the effectiveness of exercise for the aging mind that might make you more motivated to lace up your walking shoes.

Ageless Living in the City of Roses

Portland, Oregon has it all for Baby Boomers and beyond. This city is vibrant, and trendy with a youthful vibe that’s hard to beat. Pedestrian-friendly with a walkable downtown, convenient public transit, and high ranking medical facilities make Portland the perfect spot to age in place. Boasting amenity-rich 55+, and age-targeted communities such as Claremont, and King City, this thriving Northwest destination is gaining in popularity amongst retirees looking for an active outdoorsy lifestyle. You want a city to grow old with you, and Portland is designed to do just that.

Best Cities for Dog Lovers

Best Cities for Dog Lovers

For us, die-hard dog people, no dogs allowed sign is the bane of our existence. Fortunately, many cities across the country have rolled out the welcome mat for our fur kids providing amenities like sidewalk water stations, with some restaurants even offering a menu for their four-legged clientele. You’ve got to love a place where green grass is plentiful, off-leash parks are the norm, and there’s a poop back dispenser everywhere you go. According to the United States Humane Society, pet dogs make up about 44% of households compared to 35% of those with cats. That said, finding a dog-friendly town is a top priority, so let’s find out which destinations get the paws up from Fido and his people.

Finding Your Heart in San Francisco

San Francisco encompasses all things diverse, and cultural. It’s a youthful, and vibrant city designed to cater to all walks of life. The city by the bay became a part of the World Health Organization’s network of age-friendly cities, and continues to gain in popularity amongst those 55 and better for its amenities, and services. San Francisco has irresistible energy and beauty whether you’re watching the fog roll in over the Golden Gate Bridge, or people-watching at a sidewalk cafe.

How Can You Say Good-bye to Summer with a Great Labor Day BBQ

Labor Day is one of the most popular holidays to have a cookout. This is the holiday that signifies the end of summer and as such many 55+ active adults will invite their friends and neighbors to a tasty and fun barbeque. Tradition dictates that you celebrate the end of summer with a cookout. And as this is, once again, the last days of summer, you need to make sure your Labor Day barbeque is remembered positively for the rest of the year. Here’s how you can make sure of this. 

Chicago skyline panorama aerial view with skyscrapers over lake Michigan with cloudy sky at dusk

The Midwest’s Best Kept Secret: Illinois

The Windy City of Chicago, and metropolitan capital of Springfield, is just a glimpse into what the Midwest destination of Illinois offers 55+ retirees. The Land of Lincoln is rich in farmland, historic attractions, and Americana. While Illinois may not be the first state that springs to mind when deciding on where to retire, low cost of living and tax friendliness makes it an attractive option especially for those on a fixed income. It may not be sunny California, but if you’re looking for four seasons, and cultural heritage, you’ve come to the right place.

The Big City With Small Town Roots

From rolling farmland to the Venetian inspired architecture of the state capitol, Madison Wisconsin is an ultra-modern city with a rich heritage. It’s a harmonious fusion of country living and a progressive economy. Madison is home to the University of Wisconsin, a myriad of performing arts venues, and is the birthplace of Frank Lloyd Wright who’s legendary design work can be admired throughout the city. Madison’s strong economy comes from the educational, and governmental influence making it one of the country’s most intellectual cities. This metro city with a small-town vibe epitomizes age-friendly living and is the quintessential baby boomer destination.

Great Reads to Savor the Last Days of Summer

Great Reads to Savor the Last Days of Summer

It’s hard to believe the dog days of summer are here in all their smoldering glory. Stores are already packed to the gills with school supplies, and I’m suddenly finding myself feeling scholarly and excited about the cooler days ahead where curling up with a cup of tea, and a book is a life. I have to say though the only thing better than that is reading beachside under a colorful umbrella, listening to the sound of crashing waves. The wonderful thing about diving into a good book is being transported to a different world, learning something new, and improving vocabulary skills. In a society of hashtags, and abbreviations it’s refreshing to read a complete sentence, anyone with me on that?

With options such as the electronic Kindle, and Nook readers, you don’t have to sit on the library waiting list for the latest best-seller, and these innovations let you adjust the font size, and lighting, although there is something lovely about turning the pages of a book as well. Let’s all experience the stress-reducing benefits of reading with this sampling of trending books to beat the summer heat.