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How Active Adult Communities Are Tapping Into “The Blue Zones”

What can centenarians teach us about longevity? We’ve all pursued the holy grail of health, and vitality, logging hours at the gym, and following the latest diets – but what if the secret to pushing 100 is more than what’s on our plate? Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones takes an insightful look into five cultures known as having the longest living populations – Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa Japan, Ikaria Greece, Nicoya Costa Rica, and a group of Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda California. Interestingly, the principles behind these Blue Zones are inherent to the lifestyle promoted by active adult communities, and why so many retirees may already be “in the zone.”

These Blue Zones prioritize a healthy (primarily plant-based) diet, they use their bodies to live – moving constantly throughout the day- and the piece of the puzzle many of us overlook in the quest for youth is allowing enough time for rest, and finding our purpose. When you think about what many active adult communities offer in terms of health and social engagement, it seems they’ve already unlocked the secret to a long, and healthy life making it more likely that today’s baby boomers will become tomorrow’s centenarians.

Skyline of Sarasota, Florida

4 Reasons to Make Sarasota Your Next Home

Mid-century modern with a youthful energy – Sarasota is like an Oscar winner with an award in every category. With few “best of” lists this gulf city hasn’t graced, it’s one of those places you can really settle into versus just another tourist hub.  Art, dining, and attractions are part of any desirable city (which Sarasota has in abundance) but livability is what puts it on the map. While retiring to the coast might seem like pipe dream reserved for the well-to-do, this city has a surprising number of affordable real estate options in a setting that reflects authentic “old” Florida.

The Stuff of Culinary Dreams

Sarasota brings new meaning to the question “where to eat?” It’s more like where can’t you. Irish, to Peruvian, and literally everything in between, you can take a culinary trip around the world, and never leave city limits. Named one of the best food cities by Condé Naste Traveler – with over 800 restaurants ranging from crave-able taco trucks to candlelit tables swathed in white tablecloths – there are options for everyone whether you’re in the mood for a casual beachfront chic, or swanky, three-course sophistication.

Virginia State Capital building in Richmond, Virginia.

18th Century Meets the Present in Hanover County Virginia

Why is everyone so smitten with Virginia? Maybe it’s the dense canopy of trees that frame historic landmarks, or its miles of tranquil glassy rivers, and places like Hanover County that guild this romantic lily. Located 12 miles north of Richmond, where the town of Ashland mingles railway history with modern accents, Hanover County has a cultural richness active adults can’t get enough of. Home to the 55+ community of Chickahominy Falls – where Virginia’s agricultural roots intertwine with the latest home designs – preserved 18th-century buildings peacefully coexist with leading-edge medical facilities, and a growing number of urban amenities.

No matter how enticing bigger cities promise to be, most folks revert to close-knit communities like Hanover County because they remind them of why small towns are so perpetually endearing. Fortunately for active adults, this not so sleepy town serves plenty of sentimental charm with an influx of business development and a resonant colonial past.  Steeped in Native American, and poignant Civil War history, Hanover County is a treasure for history buffs – studded with centuries-old landmarks to explore from its numerous battlefields,  and churches, to sites like  Hanover County Courthouse Complex, and Sycamore Tavern that date back to the early 1700’s.

The Suburbs Are Sweeter in Midlothian Virginia

What was once a rural coal mining town has evolved into what Virginians consider upscale suburbia. Located just over ten miles west of Richmond, Midlothian is a quiet, and peaceful city made up of cozy neighborhoods, a burgeoning economy, and a growing population of retirees, and empty nesters seeking the balance between rural, and urban living. Modestly sized without feeling too compact, Midlothian has an upper class feel softened with plenty of Southern hospitality. This family-oriented Chesterfield County suburb was named one of the best cities to live by Money Magazine, boasting a wealth of services, and a strong job market for boomers putting retirement on the back burner.

Since its influx of residential growth in the 70’s when the city gained popularity with developers and homebuyers, Midlothian has continued to prosper as an age-friendly, and safe community that offers an amenity-rich alternative to the big city. Said to be home to the first coal mines in the country, this modern town still houses fragments of its mining past from the Mid-Lothian Coal Mining Company to the stone ruins found at Mid-Lothian Mines Park which is now surrounded by dense nature preserve. Big name builders like Schell Brothers know active adults want more Southern charm for their money, and cities like Midlothian are hand-picked to give discerning 55+ buyers outstanding quality of life, access to major businesses, and a selection of exceptionally crafted, affordable homes.

Forget the Car – This is Golf Cart Country

Peachtree City, Georgia is the Leave It To Beaver town complete with manicured lawns, friendly neighbors, and tree-lined sidewalks, but what sets this charming community apart is its reputation as the “golf cart city.” With over 90 miles of the paved pathway linking residents to shops, restaurants, and green-spaces, it’s not unusual to see people pulling into their driveways in golf carts filled with groceries instead of clubs, or taking open-air joy-rides through nature. Named one of the best places to retire by U.S News & Money Magazine, Peachtree City has the kind of sweet tea on the porch Southern lifestyle that active adults can sink their roots into.

Peachtree is an age-friendly master-planned community located less than 30 minutes south of Atlanta, and just 18 miles from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. While a trip to the big city promises a high energy metropolitan fix, retirees agree there’s nothing like returning to their resort town where the grass is always greener, and recreation is right outside their door. This all-inclusive town is a throwback to the days where neighbors were like family, and with all, there is to do in Peachtree City, this kind of nostalgia is part of modern-day life. From live events including concerts held at the Frederick Brown Amphitheater, outdoor movies, and sports tournaments, 55+ residents have plenty of opportunities to fill their social calendar.

Rehoboth Beach DE

Life on the Rehoboth Shore

Rehoboth Beach – salty sea air, touristy souvenir shops, and grown-ups carrying drippy ice cream cones with the same delight as Coppertone slathered youngsters. Laid back, and bustling with activity, Delaware’s retro beach town has a “cool vibes only” persona that retirees find hard to resist. Home to Schell Brother’s 55+ community of Truitt Homestead, and wide-open beaches dotted with a rainbow of oversized umbrellas, this resort community reminds people of their childhood family vacations – and yes, cotton candy is for adults too.

Native Americans were the first to acknowledge Rehoboth Beach as a leisure travel destination, taking advantage of its fresh seafood, and Atlantic sea breezes. Fast forward to the present, and this sun-loving haven is still one of the most popular beach towns in the country for both seasonal beach-goers, and year-round residents. On any given day, Rehoboth’s one-mile boardwalk is teaming with tourists toting bags of Dolle’s iconic saltwater taffy or getting an aerial view from the Ferris wheel, but amidst the lazy hazy flurry of summer activity, 55+ residents will find that Rehoboth Beach is a fantastic place to live, and thrive.

Moving to an Active Adult Community

Moving to an Active Adult Community: How to Navigate the Downsizing Process

Making the transition into an active adult community is a wonderful opportunity for a fresh start during those glorious Golden Years. However, moving out of an existing home and into a brand new space may seem daunting. Fortunately, navigating the downsizing process isn’t as challenging as some make it out to be. Here are some tips for streamlining the downsizing process and finding the perfect active senior community.

Beginning the Downsizing Process

Starting the downsizing process as soon as possible gives seniors more time to make those tough choices about what stays and what goes. This process is often underestimated and can take longer than one might think. With this in mind here are some ways to de-clutter and ease moving stress.

Trilogy® at Ocala Preserve

Trilogy at Ocala Preserve Introduces Oak House

Ready To Join The VIP Club?

How much do we love those vacations where spa days, great food, and plenty of play and leisure are right at our fingertips? Luckily if you’re 55 or better, that five-star resort experience doesn’t have to be a memory in a scrapbook because Trilogy at Ocala Preserve is the luxury getaway you won’t be leaving behind. This expansive Central Florida community proves that life can be fun, and games with the debut of its newest club, Oak House. The stately 15,000 square foot clubhouse is already getting rave reviews for its outstanding service, and modern architectural design, not to mention the endless array of A-Lister amenities.

This upscale, age-restricted community is nestled in the lush green hills of Ocala, so of course, every view from Oak House whether you’re enjoying cocktails, playing pool, or swimming laps is pretty spectacular. The concept behind this kind of all-inclusive community is creating the perfect trifecta of social engagement, wellness, and pleasure without ever leaving the comfort of home, and with Oak House at the center of it all why would anyone want to? The club has a timeless, contemporary design that makes it easy to get right in and discover what all the buzz is about. If you’ve ever imagined what the perfect day would look like, Oak House is a great place to start. From getting an endorphin-boosting workout at Afterburn, and pampering yourself with a massage at Alvea Spa, to savoring culinary delights at the Salted Brick, or hosting a private party at the Chef’s Table, the only way cap off all this indulgence is with a sunset on Lakeview Veranda sipping a glass of wine while surrounded by great friends.