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Active Adult Living Tips: Decorating Your Home with Common Sense

10 Decorating Tips to Ensure a Safe Home

A lovely home is what everyone wants; a home where everything has its place, where everything looks beautiful, and is the envy of your friends. Making your home lovely is all well and good. However, practicality and common sense are necessary, and in most cases, essential when you are decorating a new home or redecorating. Let’s face it, what you need above all, now that you are 55+ is comfort, affordability, and safety. Unfortunately, appearance in your home has to come forth when decorating. So, if you are an active adult senior, looking to decorate your home space, how will you decorate your home?

Home Decorating Tips for Seniors

Decorating your home, whether it is in an active adult community or an assisted living facility can be interesting and fun. You would be having many artifacts and mementos and collectibles that have seen for many years. These things are precious and you just can’t throw them away. Here are a few ideas on how you can keep your precious items while keeping your home pretty and simple.

Affordable Tips For a Showroom Ready Home

Whether you plan to sell in the near future or somewhere down the road, now is a great time to take inventory of the items in your home that could use a little sprucing up. Most of us have a list of fix-it projects, and maybe an overlooked cobweb here, and there, but to a potential buyer, it’s those little details that can make or break a sale. Increase your home’s value, and improve your chances of seller success, with a few updates, and finishing touches to help set the stage. Worried about a limited budget? You can easily DIY your way to a market-ready home, and the offer you deserve without breaking the bank.

Sweep On Some Color

There’s nothing like a fresh coat of paint to update cabinetry, lighten up a dark space, or transform a stark room into a cozy retreat.  Steer clear of bold primary colors, and instead select a soothing palette to make your home feel warm, and inviting. According to Zillow dramatic color choices can actually decrease the sales price by hundreds of dollars, so choosing neutrals overstatement shades not only keeps the space timeless but most importantly appeals to buyers seeking a move-in ready home.

7 Upgrades Seniors Need in a Retirement Home

As boomers of retirement age, you and I both are looking for a home that we can comfortably ensconce ourselves and spend our golden years. When it comes to home styles and choices, we have a variety to choose from. However, very few homes include some specific features that many of us wish were included in our homes. As a new homeowner, let me tell you the 7 upgrades I wish I had asked my builder to consider in my new home.

Types of Rentals for Active Seniors

Many 55+ seniors prefer the less demanding task of renting homes because they do not wish to spend all their savings on the purchase of a home. Some 55+ seniors are just not interested in making a long-term investment that goes with buying a home. Whatever your preference, there are four categories of renting that you should be aware of. These are short-term rentals, long-term rentals, weekend getaways, and rent-before-you-buy. If you are interested in renting a home, you will be benefited by understanding what these four categories entail.

Consider the Color of your Home when Painting and Decorating

A new home requires so much work. One of the most important factors to consider, in your new home, is its color and art. Some people prefer coloring every room in their home in a different color, while others stick to the same throughout. Whichever method you prefer is your choice, but did you know the color of your home can make a significant difference to your mood?

The Original Walk-In Bathtub Company Delivers Amazing Functionality to Senior Homes

What better way to soothe and relax your aching bones than a warm bath to luxuriate in? Yet, if you are 55+ and not as agile as you were 20 years back, the prospects of enjoying a relaxing time in the bathtub can be hampered by the difficulties one faces in getting in and out of a conventional tub. The good news is that The Original Walk-In Bathtub Company offers a super solution with their range of walk in bath tubs. You no longer need to struggle with your movements to get in and out, or worry about slipping or falling and injuring yourself. You can simply walk in, close the door and settle in to your tub to enjoy a relaxing bath.

Original Walk-In Bathtub Company has designed their complete range of functional and safe bathtubs with you and your safety in mind. You will find that the walk in bathtub units provide quality craftsmanship, design perfection as well as exceptional functionality. The Original Walk-In Bathtub Company takes pride in designing and manufacturing their beautiful and function range of bathtubs that help seniors live with more comfort,confidence and dignity.

If you are one of those people who love your independence and do not want to let go of it despite age catching up with you, this will certainly be a great addition to your home. Installing a walk-in bathtub will greatly enhance your safety and independence while also giving your loved ones peace of mind. The Original Walk-In Bathtub Company offers extensive consumer support to those who decide to replace their existing conventional bathtub, making it easy for prospective consumers to implement the change hassle free.

Some people make the mistake of not realizing what’s special about the Original Walk-In Bathtub compared to any other walk in bath tub. Well, the products from this manufacturer are the original innovation product that came into the market after many years of hard work and substantial investments into research and development. Their commitment to bringing the best of comfort and safety to people’s lives has driven them to think out of the box. The Original Walk-In Bathtub Company has now created this excellent solution to slippery tubs and restricted mobility in order to prevent injuries while getting in and out of the bathtub.

Their products are manufactured in USA, giving you peace of mind about superior quality that surpasses any cheap imitations sourced from third world locations with potential of less stringent quality assurance systems. With over fifteen years of manufacturing and selling these original walk-in tubs, this company is the industry leader and innovator. Customer care teams will ensure that a tub is to fit any size, location and delivered to the consumer with short lead time.

If you wish to find out more information on this great product, simply check out their banner advertisement on the ActiveAdultLiving.Com website which details over 5,800 Active Adult Communities from around the USA.With AAL, you can find not only the perfect place to live in, but the perfect addition of a walk-in bathtub which will enhance the quality of your life for years to come.