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Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger adds a certain zest and zing to your foods. It’s aromatic and spicy and is excellent with any type of dish, especially stir-fries. Fresh ginger root is not a seasonal herb, and therefore, is available year-round. Not only does ginger provide flavor to your foods, but it also has many health benefits. Here are some of them.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for many years. It is considered an Ayurvedic medicine in the south Asian continent. It contains compounds known as gingerol, which prevents anti-inflammatory conditions, such as, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Regular consumption of ginger, therefore, will decrease pain associated with these conditions and improve mobility.

The Three H’s of Autumn

The Three H’s of Autumn

The shorter summer days and crispness of the air are nature’s signals that it’s time to start preparing for winter. Depending on the climate where you live or are considering moving to, the list of tasks may seem endless. Here’s a shortlist of tasks that can be checked off your to-do list no matter where you reside.


Taking care of your health is a top priority when preparing for the winter months. Autumn is the ideal time to visit your primary care physician (PCP) to make sure you’re up-to-date on your vaccines and preventative health exams. Medical experts advise getting your annual flu shot in October for optimal protection from the upcoming flu season. Both the shingles and the pneumococcal vaccines are recommended for people over the age of sixty-five. It’s also a good time to discuss boosters with your physician. The tDAP and COVID-19 boosters may be required to keep you safe.

4 Signs Why You Should Consider Assisted Living Care

A host of problems arises with age. One of these is considering whether you should consider assisted living care. Your inability to live alone may not be so prominent to you. However, your family members may see it, and this, can cause them to worry. If you find your children visiting you more often than they did, it is time to think about the reason they are doing so. Here’s how you decide whether you should consider assisted living care.

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Tennis is a low-impact sport and does not depend on the strength of the player and can be played at any skill level. Many baby boomers play tennis either for fun, competitively, or simply to keep moving or to get some exercise. Whichever way you play tennis, it has great benefits for the body, as well as, the mind. Here are five of these benefits…

Destinations for Great Weather & Healthy Living

It’s almost time for snowbirds to be making plans on where to escape the big chill, or maybe you’re ready to ditch your snow tires for good. Fabulous year-round weather means more time enjoying the great outdoors, and getting more movement in because an active adult lifestyle should be about making the most of your next chapter. For fitness, and mild temps let’s find out which states won’t leave you stuck inside.

Are You Ordering Your Meds Online?

Having your prescription Meds ordered online can be useful for active adults.

Active adults often rely on prescription Meds more than any other age group. According to the HealthCare Financing Agency, about 89% of older adults use one or more prescription drugs. It also states that on average active adults spend around $700 to $800 on prescription Meds monthly. Ordering prescription Meds online can save time and sometimes money, but you need to be careful. You need to safeguard your finances and health with simple measures before you opt for ordering Meds online. Buying online Meds is relatively easy. The point, click, and buy. Active adults already do it for books, groceries, tickets, and even cars. You can buy prescription meds online through a pharmacy or by mail order offered by your health insurance. Before you buy Medicines online, here are some essential dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Sun Safety Tips for Seniors

We have all heard about the importance of protecting our skin from the sun to prevent aging. But, now that you have arrived at that milestone, you may wonder why you should protect yourself. Most active adults, in their 60s, may not worry about sun damage. However, you should know, older skin is less able to protect itself from the harmful rays of the sun. So, here are a few sun safety tips to keep your skin safe.

A Few Mysterious Pains that Should NOT be Ignored

Aches and pains are an expected part of life. It does get worse with the aging process. There are some pains that you can identify and correct with a few pain medications. However, there are others, which linger and disappear after some time. These pains should never be ignored. These pains could be the root of some underlying, more serious, problem.