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Tips For Your Healthiest Holiday Yet

If the holiday season has thrown a wrench in your daily routine, you’re not alone. Never has the term burning daylight been more fitting as we try and fit wellness in between gift shopping, spending time with family, and attending social engagements. Making your health a priority this time of year sounds easier said than done, but putting your best foot forward means putting yourself first. Nowadays healthy living is associated with fancy tonics, trendy superfoods, and endless spin classes, but creating realistic health goals you’ll WANT to stick with can be simple to do with these everyday tips

Practice Good Hydration
Just because it’s cold out, doesn’t mean we still don’t require ample amounts of water. Between running the heater, and day to day exertion, it’s easy to become dehydrated even during winter. The recommended 8-10 glasses is ideal, but other ways to boost your fluid intake can include brothy soups, fresh fruits, and herbal teas.

Pickleball Scores Big With Baby Boomers

If you thought pickleball was just another retirement sport think again. This popular game has an edge, it’s addicting, and it has people of all ages wanting in on the action. The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), and NBC News call it “one of America’s fastest-growing sports, and according to its devoted fanatics, there aren’t enough hours in the day to indulge in the fun. Melding together ping-pong, tennis, and a hint of badminton, Pickleball merges everything people love about racket sports and makes it a game everyone can get in on.

Since the invention of the sport in 1965, Pickleball’s popularity, and signature “pop” has created an ageless following of devotees and is one of the main events at hundreds of active adult communities throughout the country. At the Villages Florida, pickleball is no spectator sport. This expansive 55+ community is the site of over 100 pickleball courts, and learning the game is practically non-negotiable. Playing pickleball is a way of life amongst residents, and even grandkids are stepping up to the net thanks to its age-friendly accessibility.

senior on a bike with friends in the background

3 Cities Going Green One Bike Share at a Time

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the concept of city bike shares has taken the country by a storm. The idea of renting a bike to get where you need to go is brilliant considering most bus systems operate on a limited schedule making leaving the office late or commuting on a Sunday a challenge. Not only is biking a cost-effective alternative to filling the gas tank, but cities who’ve implemented the program are finding it gets more cars off the road and encourages people to lead healthier lifestyles. While European cycling meccas like Amsterdam have led the bike share pack for years, these U.S cities are just a few of the places adding this option to their public transit repertoire.

Ashland, Oregon is a hip college town known for its bike and pedestrian-friendly downtown. The Rogue Bike Share program was newly introduced just this year as yet another step towards an eco-friendly city. Conveniently located alongside the bus stop, folks can now skip waiting for the next transfer, and cycle to their next stop. No stranger to alternative transit, Ashland’s “car-free” day event encourages residents to leave their cars at home and take advantage of incentives like free refreshments, and complimentary bike tune-ups.

Nashville, Tennessee’s welcoming southern spirit is best enjoyed on two wheels, and the city’s B-Cyle program is the perfect way to explore. With convenient membership options ranging from 24-hour rentals up to annual passes, getting into the rhythm downtown, or enjoying a scenic ride along a 180-mile greenway is as easy as picking up your bike of choice, and returning it when the adventure is over. Nashville’s walkable city center is easily accessible for commuters, and tourists or anyone who agrees fresh air, and a myriad of bike routes is the only way to travel.

Washington, DC is home to iconic attractions and the Capital Bikeshare system where 440 stations throughout the city give active adults the chance to immerse themselves in rich history, without sitting in traffic. For a modest rate, cyclists can rent a bike for a quick 30-minute trip, up to the yearly membership, with a mobile app feature to check availability. DC is notoriously affluent, and abundantly monumental with a lively urban atmosphere, and boasts a network of beautiful trails.

Across North America, and all over the world, bike share programs have proven to be a great way to improve the health and environmental sustainability of participating cities. Both functional, and economical, this growing trend is definitely worth the ride.

Dive Into This Total Body Workout

Ever notice that swimming pools seem to always be on the menu of community amenities? You’ll find resort style pools with cabanas, Olympic-style pools, and heated indoor versions all designed to relax, refresh, and give you a great workout! Active adults will be glad to know there’s no need to hit the ground running to build muscle, burn calories, and squeeze in the recommended 150 minutes of weekly cardio activity. Swimming not only gets the heart pumping but also provides older adults a joint friendly, low-impact way to lose weight.

According to, 30 minutes of consistent swimming equates to 45 minutes of regular exercise with water resistance providing an additional challenge. Orthopedic physicians routinely prescribe aquatic therapy for everything from back pain to joint injuries touting the protective benefits that water has on joint mobility. At Texas Orthopedic Hospital, pool therapy is noted to reduce swelling, help with balance, and improve strength, and flexibility. 55+ communities have caught onto the healing benefits of water exercise with many offering on-site classes designed to help active adults of all fitness levels feel energized, and move with more freedom. Kings Point Suncoast Communities in Florida provide residents with invigorating water workout classes geared towards improving range of motion both gently, and effectively.

Unforgettable Bike Tour Destinations

Forget about crowded tour buses, and car rental counters because discovering exciting destinations on two wheels is how active adults are seeing the world. Bike tours are gaining in popularity with boomers who crave the exhilaration of the open road, and the experience of exploring new cities in a way that car travel or walking tours can’t touch. Whether it’s a solo trip or joining a tour group, cycling is a low-impact way to sneak in some cardio and pursue your next adventure. The hardest part? Deciding which bike friendly city to explore first!

Home to over 800,000 bicycles and a massive network of bike paths, the experience of cycling through Amsterdam is like the Dutch version of the Autobahn. Whether it’s riding through the tulip studded countryside, or touring the city’s iconic landmarks, most locals would agree getting around on a bike is the only way to go. With over a dozen bike tour companies, active adults can pedal their way through Amsterdam’s rich culture with a variety of options from private, and multi-day tours, to party, and even brewery tours.

The Health Trend You Won’t Find In a Bottle

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but could the key to good health be where you live? Feeling your best in everything you do extends beyond the hours you’re putting in at the gym. Longevity and vitality is a lifestyle rather than a health fad, and while juice cleanses, and superfoods are fabulous, experiencing mind-body health is one that 55+ communities have made their core focus. Anyone who’s researched this neighborhood turned “wellness retreats” has probably noticed a common thread of buzzwords like active, socially engaged, and connected. From the simplistic to the most opulent communities, most would agree that retirement isn’t being done sitting down.

Time, and time again, studies have proven the healing benefits of healthy social relationships, and how they improve everything from cardiovascular health to depression. Active adult communities are specifically designed to bring neighbors together through social clubs, events, and competitive games. The peer community atmosphere is ideal for singles to meet new people, and reduce feelings of loneliness. One resident said that since her move, life had become more socially enhanced, and she even became a cookie delivering member of the welcoming committee. These communities foster a no pressure approach to getting out there by offering activities to suit any lifestyle.

Alternative Medicine Popular With Baby Boomers

“Health Isn’t a Goal, It’s a Way of Life.” Health markets are a mecca for colorful produce, probiotic beverages, and a steady stream of baby boomer clientele. This generation has grown up on grandma’s chicken soup, and bathtubs filled with ice to remedy everything from the common cold to measles, so it’s no surprise many of these health-savvy folks are choosing a holistic approach to what ails them. According to a CNN article, close to a third of Americans seek alternatives to traditional medicine with many 55+ communities getting on board with on-site yoga studios, farm to table offerings, and massage services.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health showed an increase in the use of alternative supplements like Omega 3 fish oil, and more older adults are looking to herbal remedies to treat a variety of conditions from arthritis, to insomnia. Even more promising, many insurance plans not only cover complimentary medicine such as a naturopath, or chiropractic services, but most require patients to try and fail conservative measures before authorizing more invasive treatments.

Winter Wellness Rituals

Depending on where you are in the world, chances are you’re cranking up the heat, and seeking refuge under a warm blanket, living on hot soup, and perhaps a Netflix marathon. This time of year is dead of winter at its peak, and New Year resolutions that promised a brisk walk, and lots of salads might be fizzling out as our bodies brave the cold. The good news is that going strong with your wellness resolutions can easily be done in the great indoors with some simple modifications.

During the summer when we crave lighter foods, the opposite is true during winter when the body actually needs warm cooked foods to regulate body temperature, and feel satiated. It’s easy to incorporate vegetables into your diet by way of hot soups, and warm salads made with grains, proteins, and roasted vegetables. Market produce looking sad? Choose veggies like parsnips, winter squash, rutabaga, or leafy cabbages. Use warming spices to enhance digestion such as turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon.