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Weight Training For a Healthy Brain

Next time you go to the gym, you might want to skip your treadmill workout in favor of a few bicep curls. Researchers are linking weight training to better brain function, and a lower risk of diseases such as dementia, and Alzheimer’s. It’s a known fact that physical fitness and longevity go hand in hand, but resistance training is proving to be particularly beneficial for older adults. Baby boomers are getting younger by the second, surpassing millennials in many aspects including signing up for gym memberships. Fitness centers across the country are seeing an increase in 55+ members, many becoming personal trainers.

Caretaking When Your Parent Has Cancer

Caretaking When Your Parent Has Cancer

Many of us have either experienced it personally or have known someone battling cancer. When it happens to a parent, it can feel like the world has crumbled around you, and you’re left with this melting pot of emotions that you can’t seem to sort through.  Shock, grief, helplessness, and how can this happen?  As a caregiver. there’s a delicate balance of trying to pull yourself together, and being the pillar of support your parent needs during this difficult time. Coping with my mother’s illness, there were moments I felt like giving up, but I didn’t want her to see me falter. I’ve always been known for my trademark stoicism, but those years took us both on an incredibly emotional journey of laughter, tears, and facing challenges we never thought were possible. Would I do it all again? In a heartbeat.  Do I have any regrets? Not one.

Are Multi-generation Lifestyles Linked to Longevity?

According to a research article by JAMA, feeling young regardless of age may help you live longer, but what does it really mean to be younger than your years? For some that might be an active social calendar, maybe it’s the stamina to chase after grandkids or the passion to pursue a favorite hobby. For nursing homes in Deventer, Netherlands, watching the game with energetic college students is how their seniors are finding a youthful vitality. As a swap for paying apartment rent, a small group from surrounding universities have taken to providing companionship, and an energetic vibe to residents that proves age is all relative.

Can Exercise Maintain a Youthful Brain?

We all know exercise is a necessity to maintain mobility, and a healthy weight, but is this also the key to a younger brain? I know if I’ve been at the computer for too many hours, or I’m watching a Netflix marathon my body feels stiff and craves movement. I also find my mind needs a refresher and a change of scenery. There are promising studies showing the effectiveness of exercise for the aging mind that might make you more motivated to lace up your walking shoes.

Senior Yoga Tips

Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Yoga is a form of exercise suitable for adults of all ages. It is extremely beneficial for combating fatigue, stress, and pain. Yoga exercises for seniors help with core strength and balance minimizing fall-related injuries. Yoga also helps alleviate various health issues and help seniors feel young and vital. Although you may not be able to do some of the various yoga poses, here are some that can improve your wellbeing and quality of life.

fit senior man exercising at the beach in the morning

How Breaking a Sweat Could Save Your Life

Your show is coming back on in thirty seconds, you work a desk job, or there’s no time to hit the gym. Sound familiar? Add these commonalities together and you have a recipe for an increased risk of obesity, heart disease, and higher mortality rate. Yikes right? Getting your heart thumping as a middle-aged adult is proving to be a lifesaving move not to be taken lightly.

Exercise is more than a battle of the bulge, and according to experts, the lack of is being linked to early death right up there with cigarettes, and alcoholism. In a publication of the European Journal of Preventative Cardiology, a study performed at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden followed a group of 792 middle-aged men from 1967-2012. Participants performed an exercise test that pushed them to their max and was tested for aerobic capacity every ten years to measure their level of oxygen uptake. Those with increased aerobic capacity over this time period had a 21% lower risk of mortality according to study findings.

The Importance of Drinking Water

The Importance of Drinking Water for Seniors

Water is an all-important component in our lives.  Drinking water is vital to our health and lack of it for more than 24 hours becomes a life-threatening situation. 2/3 of the body consists of water and various tissues and organs in the body are made up of water.  As we age, there is a shift in our need for water and thirst for water.  For example, you would notice that the less water you drink the less thirsty you are.  This can lead to dehydration and serious health complications.  If you are a senior, you should know water is essential for you and strive to consume it, even without a thirst cue coming from the body.

Urbanizing Your Retirement

Love bright lights, and late nights? Many baby boomers, empty nesters, and retirees are trading in the laid back lifestyle of the country or suburbs for the vibrant energy of metropolitan living where an abundance of amenities and nightlife gets them rediscovering their second youth. For “downsizers,” the urban jungle can provide a way to shed extra square footage, and enjoy a lower maintenance apartment or condo lifestyle near the action. City life offers a melting pot of cultural diversity where active adults can live big with easy access to shopping, entertainment, and healthcare. Retirement living is active living, and from the convenience of public transit to a midnight Chinese food run, an urban setting is ideal for 55+ retirees not ready to give up their spirit of adventure.

Save money at the pump. Many large cities are best traveled on foot or via public transit. Portland, Oregon for example is home to the Max light rail, a highly efficient transport system with 84 stations, and 52 miles of track to take you virtually anywhere. Active adults who love to get out and about, and want to save on vehicle maintenance, will find this to be both economical, and convenient. Also, who wants to spend hours finding, and paying for parking?