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Pickleball and How it Took Over Retirement Living

Many active adult communities are geared towards providing 55+ and over seniors the ability to enjoy their retirement life with various activities. These communities provide seniors various outdoor amenities that include tennis, swimming, bocce ball, golf and pickleball. If you are new to the retirement world, you would be wondering about “pickleball”. What exactly is this game? Well, stick around and we will tell you.

Topgolf Puts a New Spin On a Classic

Imagine the best golf game you’ve ever played, but crank up the volume, add live music, and order your favorite cocktail. It’s golf reinvented, and the best part is you don’t have to be Arnold Palmer to ace your next swing. Technology based, and more competitive that a traditional driving range, Topgolf has taken the nation by a storm. Started by two brothers from North London, this innovative twist on a classic has everyone from beginners to novice golf pros clamoring to up their game.

With locations all across the country, Topgolf venues are impressive inside, and out with bright neon lights, sleek modern designs, and the promise of a good time. This new way to go “clubbing” isn’t your typical afternoon on the course. This interactive game goes beyond just playing golf with sports bars outfitted with flat screen TV’s, restaurants, and lively lounge areas. Book a party, gather a group for a golf lesson and get ready for some friendly competition. Golf during the dead of winter? Rain or shine, climate-controlled bays allow you to get your game on year round, and clubs are provided so need to bring your own equipment.

Active Adult Communities with Outdoor Games Enjoyed by Seniors

Retired seniors have a thing for the outdoors. They love spending time riding bikes and walking and sightseeing. They love sitting on benches in parks and breathing in fresh air. You wonder why they do this, and the answer is, after many years of working indoors, behind a desk, they are now making the most of the time they have to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, it’s a great way socialize; get some sun and vitamin D and exercise. This is the reason many active adult communities specialize in all kinds of outdoor games for seniors. Here are a few outdoor games and retirement communities that feature these games.

Golf Course 55+ Communities Under $150 K

Golfing is a pastime enjoyed by many active adults. For this reason, many active adult communities feature golf courses designed to suit the skill levels of different players. However, many seniors are unable to afford these golf course 55+ communities. But, all is not lost. Here are three golf course 55+ communities under $150K.

4 Great Golfing Destinations for Seniors

Golf is a popular sport among many 55+ seniors. When considering the best states for golf, you can go through many magazines and publications, such as, the Golf Digest, to bring you up-to-date about the best golfing destinations. We, at®, have decided to make it easier by providing you with 4 great golfing destinations.

Health Benefits of Skiing for Baby Boomers

Skiing holidays can be fun and extremely invigorating. Skiing is considered one of the most popular sports by baby boomers. The crisp, clean air, snow-capped mountain views, friendly people and best of all, all that snow, make skiing, a fun sport. But did you know there are many health benefits of skiing too?

Golf Course 55+ Communities at $150,000 for Interested Active Adults

Golf is a sport much preferred by active adults, specially the Boomers who are with a penchant for fine living. This is a low-impact sport that can be played and enjoyed at any age and skill level. Many 55 and over communities feature golf courses, as retirement years leave ample time to spend time in the putting green. However, most of the golf course communities are priced at premium prices, placing them beyond the budget of many 55+ retirees who love the game. We have good news! If you are interested in living the good life, in a golf course community, here are a few 55+ golfing communities that are affordable and will fit your budget.

A Few Golf Course Communities to Consider Retiring to

One day, while chatting with a few of my friends, we got to talking about active adult communities and what we are looking for in them. The majority of my friends were insistent that they would go for the communities that feature golf courses. I don’t have to say that my friends are golf-enthusiasts do I? But, this got me thinking…. Is this the reason many active adult communities feature golf courses? I guess so. So, if you are a golf-enthusiast, like my friends, here are a few communities with golf courses that you really should take a look at.