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happy senior couple playing tennis

How About a Round of Tennis?

Many active seniors love the chance of playing a game of tennis and flexing those forearms. It is a tiring game and you need to keep yourself fit to play it well. Although rather a complicated AND strenuous game, tennis is a favored sport among many seniors. But there are ones who question the suitability of this game for seniors. They are probably wondering whether all that running and sweating can be too strenuous for a senior? Well, unless your doctor has advised against strenuous activities, there is certainly nothing wrong in engaging yourself in a round of tennis. Any sport that gets you moving is good for the body and mind. This does not have to be a high-impact sport. Although you run and jump and sweat profusely, tennis is still considered a low-impact game suitable for any age and skill level. So, if you are still worried about all this running and jumping, at your age, let’s take a closer look at some of the health benefits of tennis.

Pickleball and How it Took Over Retirement Living

Many active adult communities are geared towards providing 55+ and over seniors the ability to enjoy their retirement life with various activities. These communities provide seniors various outdoor amenities that include tennis, swimming, bocce ball, golf and pickleball. If you are new to the retirement world, you would be wondering about “pickleball”. What exactly is this game? Well, stick around and we will tell you.

Topgolf Puts a New Spin On a Classic

Imagine the best golf game you’ve ever played, but crank up the volume, add live music, and order your favorite cocktail. It’s golf reinvented, and the best part is you don’t have to be Arnold Palmer to ace your next swing. Technology based, and more competitive that a traditional driving range, Topgolf has taken the nation by a storm. Started by two brothers from North London, this innovative twist on a classic has everyone from beginners to novice golf pros clamoring to up their game.

With locations all across the country, Topgolf venues are impressive inside, and out with bright neon lights, sleek modern designs, and the promise of a good time. This new way to go “clubbing” isn’t your typical afternoon on the course. This interactive game goes beyond just playing golf with sports bars outfitted with flat screen TV’s, restaurants, and lively lounge areas. Book a party, gather a group for a golf lesson and get ready for some friendly competition. Golf during the dead of winter? Rain or shine, climate-controlled bays allow you to get your game on year round, and clubs are provided so need to bring your own equipment.

Teeing Up For the Best Retirement Ever

A few years ago I attended a conference in a golf community, and I remember gazing out of the window marveling at the lush rolling green, weeping willow trees, and thought those golfers had it made. These guys were living and breathing a love of the game with the course literally in their own backyards. Whether you’re an avid golf enthusiast, or you’ve chosen a 55+ golf community for the ambience, and beauty, your friends and family will wonder why they didn’t think of it first!

When purchasing a home in a 55+ golf community, stunning fairways, and manicured landscaping is a major bonus, but everyone has HOA fees. The upside to enjoying the greenery, is you don’t have to maintain it yourself, but becoming part of an association places restrictions on exterior modifications including landscaping, satellite dishes, or using your own golf cart vs one owned by the HOA. Before signing the dotted line, carefully read the bylaws, and regulations to know what to expect.

Dreaming of buying prime real estate close to the action? A 55+ golf community may fit the bill. From coast to coast, active adult communities with golf as a primary amenity offer home styles from manufactured to single family floor plans. Homes in these communities are not only coveted for their views, but most offer a variety of exciting features like beautifully constructed clubhouses, fitness amenities such as tennis courts, and pools, and fine dining perfect for after game refreshment.

Generally homes in a golf community hold their resale value, particularly those boasting big name designers like Robert Trent Jones, or Jack Nicklaus. Championship designed golf communities such as these make them highly sought after by boomers, and retirees ready to take their love of the game to the next level.

Birds of a feather flock together, and so do those who share a passion for the driving range. Making new friends with fellow age peers is the focus of a golf community lifestyle, and even if your idea of tee time is cocktails on your veranda, why not invite the neighbors? Many 55 or better will say their social calendars have never looked better since joining an active adult community.

Retirement living means more time doing what you love, and what better way to take advantage of your golden years than indulging in your favorite hobby? An active golf community offers residents the chance to exercise their best swing, with beautiful locations to choose from across the country.

Active Adult Communities with Outdoor Games Enjoyed by Seniors

Retired seniors have a thing for the outdoors. They love spending time riding bikes and walking and sightseeing. They love sitting on benches in parks and breathing in fresh air. You wonder why they do this, and the answer is, after many years of working indoors, behind a desk, they are now making the most of the time they have to enjoy the outdoors. Plus, it’s a great way socialize; get some sun and vitamin D and exercise. This is the reason many active adult communities specialize in all kinds of outdoor games for seniors. Here are a few outdoor games and retirement communities that feature these games.

Golf Course 55+ Communities Under $150 K

Golfing is a pastime enjoyed by many active adults. For this reason, many active adult communities feature golf courses designed to suit the skill levels of different players. However, many seniors are unable to afford these golf course 55+ communities. But, all is not lost. Here are three golf course 55+ communities under $150K.

5 Sports Activities Seniors can Engage in to Stay Young and Healthy

The answer to heart health and aging gracefully is not only eating the right foods and getting the proper number of hours of sleep. It also includes staying active. Your energy levels and brain activity increase greatly by keeping your body moving. An active lifestyle will also minimize many ailments which many seniors suffer with. Here are some sports activities that you can engage in to stay young and healthy.

4 Great Golfing Destinations for Seniors

Golf is a popular sport among many 55+ seniors. When considering the best states for golf, you can go through many magazines and publications, such as, the Golf Digest, to bring you up-to-date about the best golfing destinations. We, at®, have decided to make it easier by providing you with 4 great golfing destinations.