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Ottawa Named One of Canada’s Best Cities for Boomers

What makes a city age-friendly? It’s a destination that offers everything someone would need to live a dynamic, and active lifestyle. A place that’s ready when you are regardless of age. ’Named one of the top cities to retire by Moneysense, and CBS News, Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, Ontario ranks high for livability, culture, and accessibility to services. Located on the Quebec border, Ottawa is a vibrant city that is proud of its heritage and offers endless opportunities to explore the picturesque scenic beauty and experience its urban cityscape.

According to the Council on Aging of Ottawa, seniors make up the city’s fastest growing demographic but don’t let the word senior fool you. Ottawa’s boomers and retirees hold the key to longevity and are more active than ever thanks to world-class healthcare, and access to an abundance of indoor/outdoor recreation. This city was designed to accommodate the needs of active adults providing affordable housing, convenient public transportation, and offers exciting events, and activities to stay socially engaged. Out of 300 cities, Forbes listed Ottawa the fourth cleanest city worldwide which is evident in its pristine outdoor spaces, and walkable downtown areas. Boasting a low crime rate, this Canadian gem offers peace of mind and a family friendly environment.

Kingston Ontario: It’s All In the Lifestyle

MoneySense Magazine listed Kingston, Ontario one of the top destinations for retirees, with services, and attractions that make this Canadian gem an ideal destination to age in place. According to the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association, twenty five percent of Ontario’s population will be 65 or better by 2041, and Kingston exceeds expectation by providing housing, social opportunities, and a vibrant lifestyle for active seniors. Whether someone wants to remain in their current home, or opt for an active living community, this city embraces healthy living, in a sustainable, and beautiful environment.

Centrally located between Toronto, and Montreal, Kingston isn’t just another city, it’s a way of life. Named one of the best places to raise a family, and with over 6,000 businesses, boomers not ready to call it quits can still find gainful employment opportunities. At the end of the day, exciting nightlife, and entertainment are just moments away in Kingston’s downtown area. Walkable, and well marked streets provide access to a wide variety of restaurants, and bars as well as year round entertainment. One important aspect to an age friendly city, is promoting wellness by way of outdoor amenities, and recreation which Kingston has in spades. Lakes, nature trails, and bike paths make it easy for older adults to stay fit whether it’s a waterfront jog, kayaking, or exploring the city on two wheels.

Top Canadian Provinces for Expats

Fall is finally here, and that means Canadians are gearing up for their Thanksgiving holiday on October 10th. Our neighbors to the north are blessed with drop dead gorgeous scenery, and storybook destinations that make you want to buy all the cozy scarves, and pack your bags. Whether you’re considering becoming an expat, or you’re already lucky enough to call Canada home, these destinations are a must see for active adults who love the outdoors, and a culturally rich lifestyle.

Prince Edward Island
The backdrop to the beloved Anne of Green Gables stories, Prince Edward Island PEI, is Canada’s smallest province with postcard worthy views, exquisite beaches, and plenty of offerings for the 55+ outdoor enthusiast. Waving meadows, sea cliffs, and majestic lighthouses make for irresistible scenery, and high end eateries, and shopping are only a small part of the island’s charm. Walking, and bike trails are perfect for nature lovers, and locals say safety is one of Prince Edward Island’s strong suits.

How to Become a Canadian Transplant

An increasing number of retirees, and Baby Boomers are choosing to spend their retirement years outside of the U.S, and Canada with its natural beauty, and national healthcare system, is also one of the happiest countries to live according to the United Nations. As with any big move, relocating will require research to navigate the how to’s, and red tape.

Try before you buy. Plan a visit to the provinces you have in mind to get an idea of where you want to be, and to get a feel for the neighborhood. The national capital of Ottawa for example, is widely popular amongst tourists with its architecture, and museums while also being less expensive than other large cities. If you’re a U.S citizen, no visa is necessary if you’re planning on staying less than six months or if you’re a snowbird, and travel to and from the states before the six month period is over.

Have kids or grandkids living in Canada? If they’re citizens or have a permanent resident status, you have the option to sign up for the Parent, and Grandparent Super Visa, and live here for two years.

If you do decide to reside in Canada longer than six months, and you don’t qualify for the Super Visa, you’ll need to apply for a permanent residency. This gets a bit tricky, because you’re application is reviewed based on income, education, and even being bilingual (English/French). According to, those carrying a degree, or still in the work force are higher on the qualifying scale than a retiree on a fixed income unless they can show proof of a sufficient nest egg.

Healthcare is notorious for being so expensive that many forego necessary medical treatment because they just can’t afford it. Canada’s healthcare system called “Medicare” is available to everyone allowing residents to receive the care they need without the burden of co-pays, and deductibles. You’ll have to make arrangements for coverage in advance, unless you’re still working in which case you employer can assist you with the application process.

Canada is not only beautiful, but also has a reputation for healthy people, and high quality of living. Do your homework, and plan a trip to know if becoming a Canadian expat is right for you.