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Bob’s Heart Surgery

It’s not often in one’s life that we experience something so extraordinary that it becomes unprecedented. Maybe even world-class . . . certainly . . . once-in-a-lifetime.
We all have once-in-a-lifetime experiences—right? Our birth and death for starters. But even though they’re once-in-a-lifetime to ourselves, these are common to everybody.

What makes me so special? Not much—other than having the dubious distinction of surviving not just one open heart surgery—but four.

Trilogy at Power Ranch, Featuring Realtor Sharon Somerville

Here’s a secret – perhaps one that you already know! Quite often, blog entries about – well, virtually anything, are simply just another way to sell one’s product. And instead of being written from an organic and subjective point of view, they’re likely paid for by a marketing company hiring overseas writers for pennies on the dollar. It’s just the world we live in, right? And so, short of investigating for ourselves, we rely on the writer in hopes of being accurate and informative – and maybe, even entertaining!