Bocce Ball Playing has Increased in Many Active Adult Communities

Bocce is an ancient game that has been around for many, many years. Although you may not have heard of it before retirement, it is one of the most popular pastimes of active adults and is as popular as horseshoe and shuffleboard. This is a game that is fun to play, encourages healthy social interaction and friendly competition. So, what is a bocce ball? Let’s find out and maybe you will decide to take part in a game yourself.

What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce is extremely close to bowling. It is fairly easy to play as all you need is a little bit of skill, the ability to strategize and a tad bit of luck. This is a game much enjoyed by everyone on a warm, summer day, and as summer is just around the corner, you can enjoy many hours of this game. All you need is a flat, level surface approximately 76 feet long and 10 feet wide. Don’t worry; most active adult communities have their own bocce ball courts. For example, Heritage Shores in Delaware, Trilogy® in Summerlin® in Nevada and Twin Oaks in California are just some of the communities that provide Bocce ball facilities. You will have to find people to play and divide them into two teams. The teams can have one, two or four players each and four balls are given to each team. The game begins with one player rolling a smaller ball, known as a “jack”, onto the court. Each team then gets their chances at tossing the balls as close to the “jack” and the team that has the most balls close to the target wins the game.

Benefits of Playing Bocce Ball for Seniors

Bocce ball, unlike tennis or basketball, is significantly low in terms of physical activity. However, the game makes up for this lack by being a great mental challenge for seniors. The mental challenge of strategizing keeps their minds active and alert. It is also a great way to enjoy life. Having fun and enjoying life is an excellent way of increasing longevity. It is also a superb way to interact with people and also a good opportunity to enjoy the company of others. The best thing about bocce ball is that you do not need vast levels of skill to play and enjoy bocce ball. This game can be enjoyed by people of all ages. What better way to enjoy a beautiful day and breathe in the fresh air!

Many retirement communities, across the US, are now including bocce ball courts and providing seniors the facility to breathe in the fresh air and keep their minds active while engaging in low impact, team sports. So, if you are into bocce ball, consider some communities that offer you this facility. If you have absolutely no idea how to play this game, you can still have a good time, make new friends, and spend your days in the sun taking part in bocce ball. So, join a team and go play bocce ball!

For more information on active adult communities with bocce ball court facilities, visit our website Active Adult®. This is a National Directory with more than 8,500 listed communities and you are sure to find a community that suits your requirements.

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