Best States for Retiring


Born in one place, educated somewhere else, worked in many different places, including foreign postings and now it is time to settle down for your retirement. This is not an uncommon situation today. The past few decades have changed the world so much that we have so many options when we have to take a decision regarding our lives.

Though people say that the world has become smaller, choices have now become wider, perhaps the widest ever. When it comes to where to spend the autumn of your life too, there are numerous options. The decision to select the best State for you to retire is very personal and involves many considerations. Most important among them are:

  • Economic (Tax benefits, tax structures and cost of living)
  • Healthcare Facilities (Access to good healthcare facilities at a reasonable cost)
  • Recreation (Indoor and outdoor activities)
  • Climate (Most seniors go for warmer states)
  • Cultural (Religion, Harmony among different groups of people)
  • Social (Friendly people, Facilities and opportunities for social interactions)
  • Education (Free or low-cost opportunities for senior education)
  • Standards for senior living (Minimum statutory standards and State supervision for senior-friendly infrastructure etc.)
  • Information (Ready availability of information on and about senior living at, the national directory of senior living communities)

Before making a move it is best to make a list of the factors that you consider as most important. Then find out the states that can offer you the best deals on each of these factors. There have been numerous rankings according to these factors. Many such analyses give more weightage to taxes and the cost of living. Money spent on housing is given much importance. Following are the top ten states with the lowest cost of living:

But remember, the cost of living is not the only thing that affects the quality of life of a retired person. Warmer climes also attract seniors who are moving after retirement. Florida has been the most popular State for retirees due to the warm climate. You can find a large number of senior active adult communities in Florida by visiting our web site. According to some surveys Tennessee has overtaken Florida as the most favorite retirement home for the seniors. Many States promote senior-friendly programs to attract seniors to live in their States. In many states across the US, there are communities that cater to the seniors and active adults are popular for retirees looking for a place to settle for the last lap of their journey of life.

Active adult living communities offer all the senior-friendly facilities, amenities, and the houses are specially designed with the senior citizens in mind. As an example, most of the houses in active adult living communities are single-stories detached houses with wide doorways. Though these houses are for sale or for rent, in either case, retirees will be able to get housing at an affordable price. The price of the single-family houses in these States with a low cost of living has a median between $100,000 and $140,000. has categorized these communities under the category of less than $150,000 homes, for easy reference. You can match your lifestyle with your income and your preferences and can make a bargain when you decide where to settle for retired life.

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