Best Careers for Over 55 Seniors

Many seniors do not wish to sit back and spend their days doing nothing. They prefer to work, or start new careers, to either supplement their income, keep their brains active or to give back to the community. Whatever reason you wish to continue working, here are a few career opportunities for over 55 seniors to consider.

Career in the Health Care Sector

The health care sector is on the rise. Over the next decade or so, we will see a great demand for health care workers. You can consider work in home-care positions or work as an aide for people with special needs. You can also try nursing although you will have to go back to school for this one.

Career in the Education Sector

There are many job opportunities for over 55 seniors in the education sector. For example, the position of teacher’s aide in public schools is popular and has flexible hours, although the pay is low. Another lucrative option, if you have the experience, is private tutoring for high school students. If you are not worried about money, you can always volunteer various mentor programs and give back to the community.

Career in Real Estate

If you like dealing with people, you can get your real estate license and become a real estate agent. Although course and exam fees may be a bit high, you can still make the most of it by doing something you like. If you don’t like real estate but wish to do something in sales, you can always work as an appraiser.

Career in the Retail Sector

Many retailers are pretty flexible about hiring older employees when it comes to the retail sector. For example, places like Walmart and Target are well-known for hiring over 55 seniors. Although the pay may be pretty low, you can still enjoy your time with others. If you wish for higher pay, you can always try out for a position in management.

Nonprofit Work

If you have saved a healthy nest egg, and need to give back to the community, you can always consider nonprofit work. There are many charities that will welcome your assistance.

There are many options when it comes to careers for over 55 seniors. Keep yourself active and happy and enjoy your golden years.

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