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Avoiding Serious Hip Injury with Exercise

March 15, 2023 • Fenny Peiffer

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As you age, no matter how physically fit you are, you may be prone to serious hip injuries.  Hip injuries can be extremely debilitating, and painful and can lead to costly hip replacement procedures. This means you need to take care of your hips so that even if you do have a small accident, you do not cause serious injury to your hips.  One of the best ways of avoiding costly hip replacement surgery is by taking care of your hips so that you stay active for many more years.


Below are some exercises that help you to take care of your hips.

Not all exercise may be beneficial for you as you age.  For example, intense exercises such as lifting weights or running can cause enormous strain on hip joints and increase the risk of arthritis.  You should stay physically active by considering low-impact exercises such as walking, biking, and swimming.  You should also add in a few strength-training exercises specifically targeted to tone the muscles used for balance and stability.  These exercises are easy and can be done at home. All you need is a chair.


The Knee Raise

This exercise builds strength in your hip flexor muscles and thighs.

  • Stand with your left side next to the back of the chair.
  • With your left hand on the chair’s back, put your weight on your left leg while keeping it partially bent.
  • Stare at an object in front of you and take a deep breath.
  • While exhaling, bend your right knee and move it toward your chest. Do not bend your hips or waist.
  • Inhale and hold your knee in this raised position for three seconds.
  • Exhale as you slowly return your leg to a normal standing position.
  • Repeat three to five times and switch to the other leg.

The Sit and Stand

This exercise improves balance and leg strength.

  •  Sit forward and straight, in your chair, so that your back does not touch the back of the chair.
  • Inhale deeply.  Exhale slowly as you lift yourself off of the seat using only your leg muscles.  It helps to lean slightly forward and hold onto the chair. Avoid using your arm muscles as you lift off.
  • Stand up fully and inhale deeply.
  • Exhale as you slowly return to the sitting position.
  • Repeat this exercise three to five times.

The Hip Extension

This exercise builds strength in your buttocks, hips, and lower back.

  • Stand behind your chair with your legs spread almost shoulder-width apart.
  • Keeping your back straight, step back from the chair.
  • Lift one leg back slowly. Keep your leg and back straight as you do this.
  • Hold your leg up for one second and slowly lower it to the normal standing position.
  • Repeat the exercise three to five times and switch legs.


Pay Attention to Hip Pain

Occasional hip pain and stiffness is a common occurrences after certain activities.  However, hip pain that does not go away after two or three days or more can be indicative of a serious problem.  Obtain medical advice if this continues.  Failure to consider medical advice may result in the need for hip replacement surgery.


Address Hip Pain

While occasional hip stiffness and pain are normal after activity, persistent hip pain can be a sign of serious problems.  See your doctor if your hip pain lingers or worsens.  Failure to address nagging hip pain can lead to hip replacement.

If you have already had a hip replacement and you are still feeling pain, check with your doctor to see if you received a DePuy ASR System hip replacement.  These metal-on-metal devices have been recently recalled because they leave traces of damaging chromium and cobalt in the hip bone and tissue.  If you have a DePuy ASR hip implant system, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against DePuy.  Contact a personal injury lawyer to see if you qualify.

Most Adult Living communities today understand the importance of proper exercise for seniors passing the 55+ age mark.  This is the reason many of our communities are equipped with modern, state-of-the-art fitness centers, swimming pools, and walking and biking trails.

Visit to be better informed of the fabulous senior living options out there….. if you wish to make the best of your 2nd youth!

Guest Blog by Elizabeth Carrollton. Elizabeth writes about defective medical devices and dangerous drugs for


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