Are You Hooked on Casting That Rod?

The Benefits of Fishing

The world these days is a busy place.  We are constantly running here and there, trying to get an extra hour into the already full-up 24.  This lifestyle makes us forget the importance of sitting back and relaxing; relaxing with a book, relaxing with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or relaxing with a fishing rod in the middle of a lake.  Many adults over the age of 50 are almost addicted to fishing.  What is so special about sitting in the middle of a lake and hoping the fish will bite?

The Benefits of Fishing

For many retired adults fishing is not just a hobby.  It is about relaxing and enjoying life after many years of hectic work and busy lifestyles.  The feeling of being at one with nature, listening to the quiet, and basically enjoying all that nature has to offer is nothing short of perfection.  It is one of the reasons that many retirees consider active adult communities near water where fishing is allowed.  Fishing is also beneficial health-wise.  For example, there is no pressure or mental stress in fishing.  After all – at this age, no one will blame you if you don’t catch any fish!  It does not tax your strength and stamina to wait for the fish to take the bait.  However, this is a hobby or sport that enables you to exercise your lungs, heart and various muscle groups.  How you may ask?  You need to walk with gear to the boat.  Although this may be a short walk, it can be exerting as you will be carrying your fishing gear and likely your cooler and thermos.  You have to row the boat to the middle of the lake.  For this, you need to use your arms and various other muscles.  All these activities burn calories and exercise various muscle groups.  The lungs get in clean fresh air, as you are outside and your skin receives sunlight and with it, vitamin D.  So, there is no argument that fishing can be an excellent, relaxing, de-stressing way to keep you healthy in your senior years.

Fishing is Not Rocket Science

If you have not tried fishing, this is the time to do so – now that you have time on your hands.  Fishing does not require great courses and degrees.  All you need is a little bit of research and skill.  Both are easily attainable.  For example, if you are new to fishing, you can obtain information from various websites about fishing and where to fish.  The skill necessary can be gained through “how-to” books and fishing magazines, oh!, and don’t forget YouTube.  You can also ask a friend if you can tag along once or twice just to get an idea of what it’s like.  One of the great benefits of living in a 55+ Active Adult Community is that you will find plenty of friends ready to team up with you on a game of tennis, a round of golf or a day out fishing.

Fishing is extremely popular among active adults.  This is the reason many active adult communities are built in proximity to water.  Whether you are considering fishing as a new hobby or are already an avid fisherman, consider the below communities so that you can spend your retirement days fishing your way to a stress-free life.

Are you looking for a retirement community where you can fish to your heart’s content?  Visit for details on more than 300 waterfront communities across the USA.  This is a comprehensive website where you will be able to find communities categorized by states, geographic locations, lifestyles, and price ranges, making it an absolutely easy task to choose the best senior living community that fits your preferences and needs. After all, even if you don’t catch any fish, you will have friends to chat with and recount stories on “the one that got away”.

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