Are you getting Adequate Fresh Air?

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More and more Americans are spending time indoors. This is quite common in the elderly. The attraction of indoor heat during the cold, winter months and the added bonus of television and other electronic games etc. increase the appeal of the indoors. If the number of hours you sleep, plus the number of hours you spend indoors are calculated, you really have to wonder, just how many hours are you spending outdoors? Two, three tops? That’s terrible! Why the concern about the outdoors? Let me tell you why……

Importance of Getting Fresh Air

The importance of fresh air cannot be overestimated. It is extremely beneficial for the body and mind. For example, if you are living in an area where there’s lots of greenery, enjoying the trees and grass can help you live longer. Fresh air every day helps you cope better with stress and anxiety. Fresh air also helps you recover from stressful physical conditions faster. Say you have had surgery or an illness of some sort; you can recover faster by being outdoors for a significant period every day. There are other benefits of the fresh air too. Check out the list and make a dash out of the indoors right now.

  • Fresh air is excellent for digestion.
  • Fresh air helps improve blood circulation and heart rate.
  • Fresh air makes you happy because endorphins are released into your body through fresh air.
  • Fresh air cleans your lungs and increases its capacity.
  • Fresh air helps strengthen your immune system.
  • Fresh air gives you more energy to do your daily chores.
  • Fresh air replenishes your cells with oxygen.

Making the Most of Fresh Air

Ok, so now you understand why I am so hyped up about fresh air. I, myself, take the time to enjoy the fresh air afforded to me. I wake up in the morning, which is the best time for getting fresh air, by the way, and take a walk in my neighborhood. The fresh air, along with my walk, invigorates me and gives me the extra oomph! I need to go about my chores with a spring in my step. Plus, I’m happy knowing that I got the exercise I need to keep me fit and healthy. Some days though, I’m not into walking and these days, I take a reclining chair and a book and sit under a shade tree and enjoy the fresh air. Some days, I take my bike out and go for a ride. Then, there are days that I putter around the garden and make the most of the fresh air around me. On winter days, I make it a point to take leisurely strolls around my neighborhood with my husband. He and I both know the importance of fresh air. It also gives me time to enjoy my husband and discuss the day’s events with him. As you can see, there are so many ways I can enjoy and make the most of the fresh air. So can you and it does not come with any price tags.. talk about good things in life coming for free!

Let’s face it; the air is not a 100% clean outdoors most of the time. So, you may wonder whether it’s beneficial stepping outside and inhaling it. You got a point there but, the best time to enjoy the fresh air and reap its benefits is in the morning as fewer pollutants are in the immediate atmosphere that we will be breathing in. So, wake up early, make your coffee and step outside onto your patio or porch (if you don’t have time for a walk) and breathe in that crisp, clean air. It’ll do you a world of good.

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