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July 14, 2013 • Admin

Are you looking for a Rocky Mountain high, or perhaps you’d like to have a nest by a lake in the woods?  With the excellent values that are yours to be had for homes in manufactured communities you may decide to have a home near the kids and grandkids and another one in the sunny southern climes.  There are lots and lots of choices – in fact,® has the most concise list of Manufactured Homes Communities on the Internet!  Here are 11 more great communities for your consideration as we continue on with our Top Active Adult Living to Live in Active Adult Manufactured Communities. 

# 23.    Avon on the Lake, Rochester Hills, Michigan
# 24.    Hillcrest Retirement Community, Scarborough, Maine
# 25.    Sunflower, Fort Collins, Colorado
# 26.    Bow Lake, Seatac, WA
# 27.    Desert Greens Community, Pahrump, NV
# 28.    Prairies Edge, Laramie, WY
# 29.    Coastal Plantation, Hampstead, NC
# 30.    Cherrywood, Clinton, NY
# 31.    Bear Creek, Ormond Beach, FL
# 32.    Lakeview, Danbury, CT
# 33.    Apple Island Resort, South Hero, VT

Watch for our next 11 of Active Adult Living’s Top Active Adult Living to Live in Active Adult Manufactured Communities.

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