6 Reasons Why Retired Seniors should Consider Volunteering

Why Retired Seniors should Consider Volunteering

Upon retirement, you may have considerations about volunteering. This is a great idea, although bear in mind, volunteering is not for everyone. In addition, although there are various types of volunteerism, you should be aware you may not be up to some forms of volunteerism. Therefore, you should always consider your strengths, abilities, and personality before proceeding. The final take on the subject is that although volunteering can be sometimes a challenge, it can be extremely rewarding.

Meet New People – Once retired, you may wonder how you would meet new people and make new friends. Through volunteerism, you get to meet people who have the same passion for life and consider helping others. These friendships can be long-lasting because you share a common interest.

Combat Depression – Depression is a major problem for retired seniors. Once again, you are not isolated socially as you meet people and make new friends. These friends provide you the support you need to get over rough patches, thereby alleviating depression and stress.

Increases Self Confidence – Doing good for others can give your confidence a major boost. Plus, the feeling of satisfaction you get cannot be compared. Your sense of pride increases and you feel better about yourself and about life. You look at life more positively and look forward to your future.

Keeps you Physically Healthy – Doing something keeps you active physically, as well as, mentally. According to studies, seniors who volunteer their time have a lower mortality rate than those who don’t.

Improves Social and Relationship Skills – You may be a shy, quiet person and this factor can keep you from meeting and interacting with others. When you volunteer, you are able to practice your social skills as you are constantly interacting with people who have the same interests as you. This makes it easy to socialize with others.

Make a Difference in Someone’s Life – Finally, volunteering enables you to make a difference in someone else’s life. Taking the time to do something with someone who is unable to can significantly make a difference in that person’s life.

Volunteering your time can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. So, if you feel you are up to volunteering, go ahead. It can be both rewarding to you, as well as, others.

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