How Can You Say Good-bye to Summer with a Great Labor Day BBQ

Labor Day is one of the most popular holidays to have a cookout. This is the holiday that signifies the end of summer and as such many 55+ active adults will invite their friends and neighbors to a tasty and fun barbeque. Tradition dictates that you celebrate the end of summer with a cookout. And as this is, once again, the last days of summer, you need to make sure your Labor Day barbeque is remembered positively for the rest of the year. Here’s how you can make sure of this. 

1. The Food is an Important Part of the BBQ
What is a good cookout without the right kinds of food? Most BBQs will consist of chicken, steaks, pork, hamburgers, hotdogs and many more. Outdoor grilling can be tricky if you are not a veteran at it. Winds, temperatures and other outdoor climatic conditions can ruin a good Labor Day barbeque. What do you do? You should invest in a good meat thermometer. This way, you won’t have to guess whether your meat is done. Your meat thermometer will provide you an accurate reading in a short time.

2. Never Introduce or Try anything New – Ok, so you want to impress everyone with your cooking prowess. The best time do this… a month before the barbeque. Seriously, you do not want to try any new recipes or sauces on the day of the barbeque. If it goes wrong, you can be sure this barbeque will be remembered for a long, long time. If you must try new things, now is not the time!

3. Go through BBQ Basics – Maybe you host only one barbeque for the entire year. If this is so, consider brushing up on your barbeque basics before the Big Day. You will be able to find lots of information online, on cookbooks and TV shows. This may be beneficial for you BBQ whizzes too.

4. About Side Dishes – Side dishes are common accompaniments to all barbeques. These should be cold or room temperature side dishes. These are easy to make and are welcomed by everyone. You can go through recipes for salads, pasta dishes and a host of other side dish recipes before the barbeque.

5. Don’t Forget the Vegetarians – You will invite vegetarians for your Labor Day barbeque. Don’t make them feel left out and don’t offer them only the side dishes. Get some veggie kabobs and veggies burgers for these poor souls who will be lost without it!

So, that’s it for your Labor Day barbeque basics. I know summer has not yet arrived properly. But, as I mentioned earlier, if you must try out new recipes, now is the time. One more important thing, don’t forget to take lots of pictures. After all, every Labor Day is about making memories.

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