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55+ and Hating Computers? Here are Some Encouragements to Brush up Your Techy Skills

January 27, 2020 • Admin

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Technology is becoming a part of our everyday life whether we like it or not. As seniors, we may not wish to embrace this new concept, but what choice do we have. As the saying goes “we have to move with the times, or be left behind”. So, what should seniors do? Do we embrace technology and learn all we can on how to operate a computer and its many search engines? Yes! Let’s become more tech-savvy and “chat” with our friends on Skype, be “friendly” on Facebook and stay connected with family, friends, and caregivers through the internet while learning all we can about what this great invention can do.

Benefits of Being Tech Savvy Seniors

Being tech-savvy has many advantages for seniors. For example, you can look for new health information with the click of a mouse on your computer, find out about the medications you are taking, the side effects of the medications, etc. You can also go online and key in a few symptoms of any physical problems you may have and find home remedies that can help you get over these physical problems. If you wish to travel to the four corners of the world, you can find information on your destinations and make your reservations via online sources. Furthermore, you can participate in auctions without traveling to the destinations, donate to charity, bank your money, have your pension credited to your savings, work on a blog, listen to music, etc. Oh, we must not forget to mention the chance of watching some nice videos, or reading an e-book either! Then there is the possibility of telecommuting from your home and earning a neat little sum of money in addition to your pension. The bottom line, being more tech-savvy enables you to be more independent and access to a whole new world powered by this wonderfully complex information and connectivity hub termed as the World Wide Web.

How to become more Tech Savvy

If you are interested in becoming tech-savvy seniors so that you can make the most of its benefits, there are a number of courses and classes you can consider. For example, the Computer Seniors of America, CSA, is a non-profit organization, taught by volunteers who introduce senior citizens of Howard County, Maryland, to all that they can learn from cyberspace and the internet. The classes are taught by experienced volunteers who provide you with easy to understand lessons that make learning again, fun. The government of Seattle has Seniors Training Seniors computer classes taught by computer-savvy fellow seniors. This enables you to learn to become computer savvy in a safe and comfortable environment without feeling intimidated. All you have to do is register for the class, pay a moderate fee and come for your lessons. The South Berkley Senior Centre of Berkley, California provides seniors a computer workshop where you can master basic computer operations, using the internet, word processing, graphics, and photos. The sessions are from January to June and require a payment of $35. This class is offered through the Life Long Learning Program at the Berkeley Adult School.

There are many places that can be considered if you are interested in becoming more tech-savvy so that you are able to get on the web and find information for just about anything or do anything using a computer. Technology is taking on the world. Why are you still not considering becoming tech-savvy? Make the most of what is offered to you, and impress everyone with your tech-savvy skills. While you are at it, do visit our website Active Adult Living.Com where over 8,500 active adult living communities are listed within different lifestyle categories, for your ease. You may just decide to check out one of these great communities and embark on a new life, living a fantastic Active Adult Life.

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