South Monterey Bay in California

Discover the Beach Less Traveled In Marina California

The sounds of gulls, mild year-round weather, refreshing sea air hitting your face as you bike alongside sweeping views of Monterey Bay – Marina, California is a Pacific coast pearl. Located eight miles north of Monterey, this quiet suburb is a dream come true for cyclists, home to a vibrant college community, and popular with active retirees seeking a coastal lifestyle with fewer crowds. The area is a coveted location for real estate developers with builders like Shea Homes showcasing the best of what Central California has to offer, and a fantastic town for boomers, and empty nesters with an affinity for all things sun, surf, and outdoor recreation.

Home to the University of California at Monterey Bay, Marina is a relaxed town with a loyal following of recreational athletes from hikers to surfers, to paragliders, and hardcore cyclists. In fact, Monterey County has an extensive network of bike paths designed for all skill levels from weekend cruisers to Tour De France pros, with routes like the Monterey Coastal Recreation Trail linking Marina to Monterey attractions, and Fort Ord National Monument going the distance with 86 miles of scenic vistas. Marina’s secluded beaches are a highlight for any nature lover, offering an unobstructed view of what makes up 350 miles of central coastline. At Marina Dunes RV Park, camping gets a resort upgrade with easy access to serene, private beaches, fitness amenities, and a gorgeous lodge style clubhouse that takes this recreation area over the top.

Denali National Park

Become One With Nature – Escape to Denali National Park

As summer temperatures reach record highs, you’re probably entertaining thoughts of Russian ice bars and powdered ski slopes. While a trip to the beach might seem obvious when you’re staring triple digits in the face – what about venturing off the beaten path to coexist with wildlife, and watch North America’s highest snow-capped peak ascend into the clouds? This isn’t any summer destination, it’s Denali National Park. Here you won’t find fancy water parks or poolside cabanas- but instead be completely captivated and enthralled by six million acres of natural tapestry, and summer weather that feels more like a crisp spring day.

Denali National Park is the 3rd largest in the U.S – a delicate balance of fauna and flora, dense coniferous forests, and flowing, braided rivers carved by glaciers. Mt. Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) looms over the park extending an invitation to create your own adventure whether that’s getting a jaw-dropping aerial view on a Denali Airplane tour, or zip-line endeavor, hiking the Savage River Loop, and Toklat East Branch Trail, or riding the rapids on a whitewater trip down Nenana River located just outside the park. Additionally, mid-summer daylight hours extend well past 10 p.m so there’s no need to chase the sun. It’s not uncommon for buses to brake for grizzlies or rogue hares crossing the road as you take a narrated wilderness tour through the tundra, but if you’re lucky enough to catch a un-shrouded glimpse of Denali mountain itself, you’ve reached the pinnacle of what most can only dream of marking off their bucket list.

How Active Adult Communities Are Tapping Into “The Blue Zones”

What can centenarians teach us about longevity? We’ve all pursued the holy grail of health, and vitality, logging hours at the gym, and following the latest diets – but what if the secret to pushing 100 is more than what’s on our plate? Dan Buettner’s book Blue Zones takes an insightful look into five cultures known as having the longest living populations – Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa Japan, Ikaria Greece, Nicoya Costa Rica, and a group of Seventh Day Adventists in Loma Linda California. Interestingly, the principles behind these Blue Zones are inherent to the lifestyle promoted by active adult communities, and why so many retirees may already be “in the zone.”

These Blue Zones prioritize a healthy (primarily plant-based) diet, they use their bodies to live – moving constantly throughout the day- and the piece of the puzzle many of us overlook in the quest for youth is allowing enough time for rest, and finding our purpose. When you think about what many active adult communities offer in terms of health and social engagement, it seems they’ve already unlocked the secret to a long, and healthy life making it more likely that today’s baby boomers will become tomorrow’s centenarians.

Rancho Mirage by Del Webb

Del Webb at Rancho Mirage Redefines Luxury Living

A mirage is defined as a virtual reality, but for those basking in the warm breezes of California’s Coachella Valley, there’s nothing illusionary about its technicolor sunsets, and dramatic landscape. Located minutes from downtown Palm Springs near the Agua Caliente Resort Spa, Del Webb’s newest Rancho Mirage community has active adults feeling like celebrities. Turning onto Dinah Shore Drive, the palm-lined gated entrance, and panoramic views give a preview of the kind of luxury lifestyle boomers have come to expect from this award-winning builder.

Across from the Mission Hills Country Club, Del Webb at Rancho Mirage is an expansive age-restricted oasis expected to have 1,028 single family detached homes upon completion and the choice of 10 floor-plans. Beautiful, desert-inspired exteriors, low maintenance landscaping, and seamless transitions to outdoor living spaces compliment ambient surroundings. With names like Refuge, Haven, and Solitude, each design exudes tranquility for the ultimate retreat at home experience. Prices start at $366,900 giving 55+ buyers complete “fee simple” ownership (meaning the lot is owned vs. leased) along with the priceless peace of mind that comes with 24-hour gated security

Skyline of Sarasota, Florida

4 Reasons to Make Sarasota Your Next Home

Mid-century modern with a youthful energy – Sarasota is like an Oscar winner with an award in every category. With few “best of” lists this gulf city hasn’t graced, it’s one of those places you can really settle into versus just another tourist hub.  Art, dining, and attractions are part of any desirable city (which Sarasota has in abundance) but livability is what puts it on the map. While retiring to the coast might seem like pipe dream reserved for the well-to-do, this city has a surprising number of affordable real estate options in a setting that reflects authentic “old” Florida.

The Stuff of Culinary Dreams

Sarasota brings new meaning to the question “where to eat?” It’s more like where can’t you. Irish, to Peruvian, and literally everything in between, you can take a culinary trip around the world, and never leave city limits. Named one of the best food cities by Condé Naste Traveler – with over 800 restaurants ranging from crave-able taco trucks to candlelit tables swathed in white tablecloths – there are options for everyone whether you’re in the mood for a casual beachfront chic, or swanky, three-course sophistication.

Explore Your Wild Side on a Hellgate Jetboat Excursion

As you’re driving along Interstate-5 surrounded by evergreen studded mountains, and winding roads, you can see the mighty Rogue River swirling down below – white crested waves rushing through the rocky cliffside one moment, and flowing gently along the riverbank the next. Stretching 215 miles north of the Cascades, the Rogue as they call it is an untamed life-force all its own. Before ending its journey at the Pacific Ocean, the river passes through the magnificent wilderness of Hellgate Canyon, (which happened to grace the silver screen in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and invites you to gather a group, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

If the heart-stopping thrill of traditional whitewater rafting isn’t your cup of tea, a Hellgate Jetboat Excursion gives you the same adrenaline rush, but with a family-friendly -choose you to own adventure – twist. Located in the historic town of Grants Pass Oregon, Hellgate Canyon’s famous jet-boats have attracted visitors worldwide since 1959 – offering a safe no skill required way to experience this regions’ rugged beauty. Depending on how untamed you like it, Hellgate Jetboat Excursions offer five guided options from a 2-hour scenic tour to an edge-of-your-seat 5 1/2 hour 75-mile whitewater trek. Whether you choose to pick up speed or cruise through the sapphire waters of the Rogue, the views are nothing short of awe-inspiring. As you’re surrounded by native wildlife from the Blue Heron, to the mischievous river otter, a trip down the river can feel like a scene from the Discovery Channel, un-staged, and unpredictable.

Virginia State Capital building in Richmond, Virginia.

18th Century Meets the Present in Hanover County Virginia

Why is everyone so smitten with Virginia? Maybe it’s the dense canopy of trees that frame historic landmarks, or its miles of tranquil glassy rivers, and places like Hanover County that guild this romantic lily. Located 12 miles north of Richmond, where the town of Ashland mingles railway history with modern accents, Hanover County has a cultural richness active adults can’t get enough of. Home to the 55+ community of Chickahominy Falls – where Virginia’s agricultural roots intertwine with the latest home designs – preserved 18th-century buildings peacefully coexist with leading-edge medical facilities, and a growing number of urban amenities.

No matter how enticing bigger cities promise to be, most folks revert to close-knit communities like Hanover County because they remind them of why small towns are so perpetually endearing. Fortunately for active adults, this not so sleepy town serves plenty of sentimental charm with an influx of business development and a resonant colonial past.  Steeped in Native American, and poignant Civil War history, Hanover County is a treasure for history buffs – studded with centuries-old landmarks to explore from its numerous battlefields,  and churches, to sites like  Hanover County Courthouse Complex, and Sycamore Tavern that date back to the early 1700’s.

Spend A Perfect Summer Weekend In California’s Danish Village

Spend a Perfect Summer Weekend in California’s Danish Village

Two hours north of Los Angeles, a statue of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid sits gracefully atop a trickling fountain as she watches over her charming little village. Founded in 1911 by three Danish immigrants, Solvang, California is a storybook town nestled in the heart of the Santa Ynez Valley – an enchanting vision of old world Denmark, romantic B&B’s, and irresistible aromas wafting from the many restaurants and bakeries that line its brick-paved sidewalks.

If all you have time for is a quick weekend getaway, pack an overnight bag, and head to Central California’s bountiful wine country. As you veer off of Highway 101 and make your way into town, there’s something about being greeted by towering windmills, and authentic replicas of traditional Danish architecture that melts away the pressures of everyday life. Aside from the occasional marine layer which eventually dissipates into blue skies, the weather is fantastic all year long, so all you really need to bring is a pair of comfortable walking shoes, and maybe a light jacket.