Getting Fit for the Holidays!

Did you know most people who sign up for gym memberships in January often give up come February? Despite well intentioned plans to change bad habits for the new year, going from no physical activity at all to an hour on the treadmill every day can be difficult to maintain.

Shorter days, and cold nights make it all too tempting to curl up on the sofa after a busy day with a big bowl of comfort food.  Keeping your blood circulating will actually warm you up, so before you unwind, lace up your tennis shoes and head out for a brisk walk.  Even 10-15 minutes around the block will give you a surprising burst of energy.  Keep your exercise shoes by the door as a reminder to get moving. 

If you're gym inclined, find one that is easily accessible.  If you're having to drive too far to workout, chances are you'll find any excuse to skip it.  Many fitness centers offer holiday promotions such as waiving sign up, or the first month's membership fee.  Ask about free trial memberships that give you the option of trying it out before you commit.  

Those living in areas of extreme winter weather may find going to the gym the ideal option if outdoor activity isn't possible.

Snack for endurance. Stabilizing blood sugar with the right pre-workout foods will help you get the most out of your workout.  An hour or two before you exercise, eat a small snack preferably lean protein, fruit, or whole grains.  Bananas are fantastic as they are a quick complex carbohydrate, and portable!  You don't want all your energy focused on digestion so keep it light.

Start now, and set your fitness goals before the holidays.  Getting ahead of the game will increase your chances of keeping it up long after the festivities are over.

~Adriane Rosenberg